By gettingacat - United States
Today, I set up a miniature nativity scene in my apartment. Three hours ago, my dog decided it would be a good idea to eat baby Jesus. Two hours ago, the vet laughed and said not to worry because I would 'have him back in time for Christmas'. FML
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  michael32123  |  0

fuck Jesus he ain't comin back and he never will "oh my accept Jesus and your life will fucking rule!!" no it won't. plenty of those hobos on the alley streets askin for money accepted Jesus and look at them. Jesus won't do shit for ur life

  alliewillie  |  22

oh boohoo my dog ate a piece of something and it's going to come out just fine. my life is so f*cked.

my dog has had 3 major surgeries to remove shit he shouldn't be eating. f*ck that.

  xNephilim  |  18

Nobody knows where heaven is. Just saying.
Also, even modern scientists are promoting a theory called Intelligent Design. They basically say that there most likely is some sort of intelligent creator who made the earth as it is.

  threer  |  30

No, not really. Religion doesn't determine intelligence. You would know this if you weren't so ignorant. Why can't we accept everyone else's beliefs?

By  myfriend_youfail  |  3

And this is why you always keep small objects out of the reach of children and pets.
YDI for not putting the nativity scene somewhere your dog couldn't munch on it. You're lucky it didn't get stuck in the poor beast's throat.

And since I really am THAT bored...
Helpful Holiday Tips for Pet Owners
1. Don't put tinsel on your trees. Cats and dogs can eat it and get the tinsel coiled up in their guts, or choke on it.
2. Don't decorate lower branches with fragile ornaments. Pets running by or jumping on the tree can break them. For that matter, don't put fragile ornaments anywhere on your tree if you have a cat that hasn't been de-clawed. Tree-climbing happens. Chaos ensues. I've seen it happen.
3. Keep any small figurines or free-standing ornaments on a table or shelf your pet cannot access. Choking hazard. It's that simple.
4. If your pet tends to scratch around or damage pillows and other furniture items, chances are they'll go and eat or unwrap the presents, so don't leave packages unattended under the tree.
5. Don't leave out anything that smells like natural mint if you have a cat. Your cat will most likely mistake it for catnip and go batshit crazy trying to get at it. Yes, I learned this lesson the hard way.
6. Only use regular water in your tree stand or bucket. No bleach or additives to make the tree last longer if you have pets. Fido and Mr. Mittens can (and probably will) try to drink it.