By argh - / Wednesday 24 February 2010 06:29 / Canada
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  FoxhoundEP3  |  0

Ima have to raise my bullshit flag on this one, if you were having a seizure and depending on how bad it was you wouldn't have been able to see or remember anything. and if you did and depending on which way you were facing (up or down) there's different scenarios, up: whoever "saw u" knows ur not picking anything up, down: you can't see who looked at you.

try better next time

  riverhed  |  0

How do you know his boss didn't tell him after the fact that he had seen him on the floor? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure plenty of the stuff on here is fake, but the assumptions and conclusions people jump to with so little information provided is simply ridiculous. OP didn't say "I saw my boss walk by," so why are you assuming that?

  FoxhoundEP3  |  0

riverbed read the fml again, his boss walked by ... how does he know that ?

little information ? conclusions? there was plenty more characters left for op to give a better explanation, im basing my opinion on what he's telling,I also clearly stated depending on how bad his seizure was, I know not all seizures are the same .

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

There are different types of seizures and not all of them are obvious like the grand mals you see on tv. Even if the boss had noticed, there is not much he could've done except call paramedics. The boss isn't a douche, just an idiot.

  giggity123  |  0

If you had a seizure you would still be in the hospital and this site would probably be the last thing you think about when that happened unless your obsessed with this

  blairyboo  |  0

okay well my brother has seizures and in the beggining he kinda bends down and it looks like he is picking up something but the boss probably didn't think tht and jst didn't bother helping and my brother remembers things tht happened when he was having it sometimes

  perdix  |  29

He should have stood next to you with a stopwatch and when you came to, he could inform you about how much vacation time you just took on your pleasure cruise to the floor.

He would then say, "This time I'll sign your Vacation Request Form retroactively, but don't let it happen again!"

That's thinking - LIKE A BAWS!

  darkmis1  |  17

@39: You don't have to go to the hospital every time you have a seizure. If you have a partial one, all you have to do Is wait it out. And before you say that I don't know anything about seizures, let me tell you that I was diagnosed with epelepsy when I was 7. Don't assume that just because people in TV shows always have to go to the hospital means everybody has to. Make sure your facts are straight before you comment.

  dinoxchrist  |  0

you're pretty much an insensitive asshole for that one. not all seizures send you to the hospital, especially if you get them as regularly as i do. say you're sorry! D:

awww, fyl OP.

  Phelpski  |  0

Not everyone has to go to the hospital for every siezure.... Most times there nothing they can do except keep the person safe and from hurting themselves until it's over... If you don't know, don't act like you do because it just makes you look dumb...

  squishy01  |  0

whoops… accidentally hit send. :( Anyway, When I used to have those seziures, I would remember a few details of what happened during the seziure. So OP might have actually remembered that.


Pretty sure if someone has a seizure you're supposed to just move everything away from them and wait for it to stop. Its pretty shitty of your boss to ignore you, but trying to stop someone who is having a seizure is stupid and can't just hurt them...

So in short, not much he could have done to help anyways.

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