By crankg - 21/10/2011 04:57 - United States

Today, my roomie had guests over. I didn't feel like socializing, but I really had to piss. So I pissed in the plant in my room, spilled half of it, mopped it up with an old shirt, and went to bed. FML
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Really? You'd rather piss in a pot plant than simply ignore everyone while you walk to the toilet.

Why exactly did that seem like a good idea?


Really? You'd rather piss in a pot plant than simply ignore everyone while you walk to the toilet.

So not only are you antisocial, but you also murdered a pot plant and a t shirt... And is it wise to have a pit plant big enough to piss in near your bed? Plants generate CO2 at night, you could suffocate!!

Also, you are lazy for saying "I didn't feeling like socializing." Grammar failure.

You could of just killed everyone in the room.

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11- your an idiot. Plants generate OXYGEN. hence why we can live on this planet. How did you ever make it passed the fourth grade?! And second, the pot wasn't big enough.. That's why the piss SPILLED. Gosh...what is the world coming to...

Hear that whooshing sound, 26? That was the joke going right over your head.

Actually 11 they produce oxygen and OP produces CO2. They turn CO2 into oxygen. Have you been to 4th grade yet little boy?

dcaruso 1

Wow - really - they generate co2 at night which is why it is actually suggested not to have too many plants in ur room while I sleep. Though I agree with the size comment.

Actually plants produce carbon dioxide at night as a result of cellular respiration

At all the idiots that haven't taken a biology class: Plants absorbs co2 and produces o2 as long as there's light. Once there is no more light they switch to producing co2 almost like the same way animals do. They however absorbs much more co2 then it produces.

#11, It's funny seeing all the idiots thumbing you down. But you're also wrong about suffocating, the plant doesn't produce a lot of co2 at night, it's much less than an animal. Are you going to suffocate because you have a roommate or a pet in your house?

oh Christ people, plants only generate oxygen during the DAYTIME. I actually remember a PSA from the 70s telling people not to sleep in a closed room with plants. Perhaps a little research before the criticisms start flying hmmm?? And yes, I passed 4th grade biology, thanks for asking... But did you??

Oh, and 26 and 33, you're a pair of ******* idiots... And it's PAST, not PASSED.... Sheesh...

And it's YOU'RE, a contraction of YOU ARE, not YOUR... Perhaps a revisit to the 4th grade might be beneficial, you might learn something this time...

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After you went to sleep I hope you dreamed about being less of a dumbass .

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33 - We're talking about piss, you're talking about breath, go away.

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I wonder if R. Kelly is somwhere in OP's family

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61- Oh stop being such a ******* grammar nazi...

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Actually 26 and 33 plants do use oxygen at night. You two may have been to fourth grade but obviously didn't make it as far as 7th or 8th. 11 a pot plant doesn't have to be that big to piss on and even if it was it wouldn't use up that much oxygen.

112, stop being such a ******* confrontational idiotic dickbag!!! At least get your facts straight before you tear a person down... For ***** sake!!! You and 33 deserve eachother... Between both of you, you might have enough braincells to make a below average idiot feel like Einstein!!

I see, someone was lucky to get through the 4th grade...

does it really matter if he has the plants in his room while you sleep, i assume in your room?

he never said it was a pot plant. but it sounds better that way, gives him an excuse for doing something on that level of retard.

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Why exactly did that seem like a good idea?

And then ops roomie walks in to introduse him

now that would have been funny, Hey roomie my hot friend wants to meet you man! Oh well we can come back when you are not other wise occupied..........

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whoa-ho-ho be careful with that joke, its an antique.

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3... That wasn't even the proper time for such a joke.

yes it was. clearly somethings wrong with you if you cant understand ops post

RebekahBrooke 9

If he had said something about a 'shitty' situation, then it wouldn't make sense. But it still sucked.

^^ you're just contradicting yourself now...

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Cool story. Tell another one about how lazy you are.

Shoulda used a Gatorade bottle like normal people.

No dude. Normal people use a toilet. You don't have to socialize to go use it.

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I use a baby bottle then drink if after cause, my name is bear grylls.

I drink my pee because it's sterile and I like the taste.

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And I drink soda....does that make me abnormal?

-94 lol, it seems no one got you "Dodgeball" movie reference

You're a whole new level of antisocial OP. Should have just gone to the damn toilet and gone back to your room! You didn't even need to say hi.

Thanks for taking us back into the stone age

I had no idea that they cultivated potted plants and wove fabric to make shirts in the Stone Age. I just learned something.

Oh yes Doc, but they didn't want others copying them, so they destroyed all the blueprints and records of them.

Lol! I bet for him it would be possible. Nice comment ^^

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Poor plant I bet you shit and throw that under your bed .......... Gags

Wow, you really didn't want to socialize, did you? Lol It would be funnier if it was a fake plant. (: