By lonelyguy - 28/11/2009 03:02 - Puerto Rico

Today, I invited my crush to come and spend Thanksgiving dinner with me and my family, she agreed but asked me if she could bring her friend. Turns out her "friend" was actually her boyfriend and they drank all the expensive wine I bought. FML
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Hopefully your taste in wine is better than your taste in women.


Then Falcon Kick the boyfriend because he would most likely try to fight back.

Always question who "the friend" is. YDI it for not knowing how females work.

Hopefully your taste in wine is better than your taste in women.

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I don't get this story. How could you not feel weird celebrating thanksgiving with your boyfriend at SOMEONE ELSE'S house? Like... o_O'

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Because they just want free food... and wine

My question is how come OP didn't know that she had a boyfriend? you think that he would have known whether she was single or not before he invited her

I wouldn't let someone invite a friend to my family dinner. WTF is wrong with her for thinking that would be ok? I've never done a thanksgiving thing, but I assume it's a very family orientated thing so where's her family? :/

YDI didn't you wonder think it was weird to ask to bring a friend to someone else's family holiday meal. and also YDI for "crushing" and of course not letting the cruise know it. Has the internet scared people so much that no one will tell if they are interested.

What did you expect them to do with the wine... take enemas with it?

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You're an idiot for having a crush and not knowing they have a BF. and when she asked to bring someone. tell he **** NO. you asked her. That's supposed to be your chance you douche. totally deserved it

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I personally think it's weird that you invited your CRUSH to thanksgiving with your family. isn't that usually saved for when you're actually dating/married?

And that's the reason why, whenever you invite women you like, you never let them bring friends.