By onthemarket - 08/09/2010 19:46 - United States

Today, after being with my boyfriend for seven years, he finally proposed. To another woman. FML
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if he hasn't proposed in 7 years, he's obviously up to something or not interested.


does that even make sense? it may... i am kinda tired i guess(*resays it* good luck with that bitch... hmm i guess you could always wishsome one luck so goodluck :)

So you must have an to some idea your boyfriend was cheating on you if you were together for 7 years.

What's the difference between a proposition and a proposal?

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why was anna's comment moderated? lmfao

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My comment was not moderated. That's my creepy stalker. Hence why there's no "_" in the name.

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Why were you with him for seven years? I could never be that patient.

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yyyeehh sucks well at leastyou didn't end up with that ********

if he did that to you he will probably end up either cheating on her or leaving her. so just think about that.

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wat a ****'n ass, u waitd 7yrs for nothin but ehh wat can u do besides ruin their life!

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That's so ridiculous it's hard to believe

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Maybe they were in high school when they started dating...In that case what would the point be in getting engaged if they were going through highschool and then college. Directly after would be a perfect time to get engaged. Logic points to him meeting a different girl in college, and not telling OP, which sucks, but they probably didn't see each other very much, not that it justifies his behaviour, but it does make sense out of it. (All of it is just a guess by the way, but it would make perfect sense to NOT get engaged and how it could happen)

Exactly. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and that's about when people are thinking settling down, is it not? But for us to get engaged (though I would be tremendously happy) would not be logical because I am 16 and he is 17. (We are both in grade 11). We have pretty much decided that after college is the smartest time to get married.

Well, now you know he's a cheater and can get on with your life and find someone else.

doesn't mean he's a cheater.. it could be a late April fools?

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Oh yeah, that's likely. But way to stay positive haha :D

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probaly wouldn't have been a great husband anyway

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totally :( ouch his karmas gonna be harsh :/

It sounds like a "wow" situation, but it doesn't state that they were still together when he proposed to the other woman. Maybe OP had been with her boyfriend for 7 years, but that could've been a long time ago. So he may not have been cheating on OP.

if he hasn't proposed in 7 years, he's obviously up to something or not interested.

not in all cases. maybe he thought she want ready and didn't wanna be pushy and ruin the relationship.

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Unless they've been dating since they were eleven, it's safe to assume something was wrong.

um, why? everyone does not marry or get engaged -.-

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your fault for not knowing hes been cheating on you for that long

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don't listen to dis guy! it's not ur fault! hes a dough and a jackass for cheating on you u desrve better i wish u luck hav a great life

:O That's like being round house kicked my Chuck Norris! Sorry op, what a bitch!! :(

nowhere near being roundhouse kicked by chuck Norris

The other woman might not even know about her -- probably doesn't if she didn't know about him! It's her ex's fault.