By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, the guy I like recommended I buy this computer game. Wanting to impress him, I agreed. Turns out it was a joke. I am now the proud owner of Microsoft Train Simulator 2005, and he can't stop laughing. FML
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  blankaex  |  0

FMLs about girls are usually boring... Most of the time it's self-centred bitches complaining about fishing and not getting complimented. Other times it's a laugh when someone gets scared of a bug and somehow manages to get ztuck under a refrigerator. Usually, Guy FMLs are about money and being rejected, not very interesting. I like the ones with the female drivers or hilarious accidents.

If that's what you mean about finding girls on FML.

  Stupified  |  0

Chugga chugga chugga chugga CHOO CHOO! All aboard the rainbow train! Op, if thou wish to become a conductor of love thou must first become a conductor of trains! Train for trains and thou shalt gain!

  that1guy1  |  13

I agree with 59. I always research a game before buying it, at the very least I'll ask a friend about it. Especially if the it's titled " train conducting for dummies"

  mona_is_here  |  10

Reminded me of when I was 14 or so. Had a crush on a guy who was a fan of Metallica so in order to get closer to him, I pretended I liked the band too. I think, similar thing happened to everyone in their childhood. So no big deal, OP.

  Eliseopwns  |  22

I like trains. -whoosh-

  jinxthejinx  |  0

Yeah… hahafylbutydi should have at least chosen a more realistic 'hot guy' photo to use. This one is just too over the top. I didn't think "ooh, this guy is hot!"… I thought "what an insecure puss-face."


FINALLY! I've been waiting for someone to call this fartknocker out on his pic.

IMO, it's not attractive or classy for anyone to post such pics, girl or guy. They make you seem, at best, like a slut, at worst, like a desperate faker. That goes for both genders.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I didn't even realise it was possible to buy that. YDI for trying to impress him with a game purchase, for failing to do a minimum of research, for having no sense of humour or liking a pranking prick. Pick a reason but it boils down to YDI.