By SchwesterGrimm - 19/06/2016 21:41

Today, a man sat next to me on a train carriage, despite various empty seats. During a weird conversation, I told him that I'm on my way back from London after seeing a friend from Germany there. He goes on to talk about Nazis and, with one arm in the air, asks me if he's doing the salute right. FML
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That's just weird. You should have gotten up and moved to another seat.


That's just weird. You should have gotten up and moved to another seat.

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Well was he doing it right? But that is really stupid of him to do in public if it was 1 on 1 in private then I guess it would be ok but i would still be a little weirded out

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"It's okay to be a Nazi in private"? what the ****??

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Everything is fine in private :p Like just last week I murdered a body in a forest and nobody saw, does that really count as murder??? I sure hope not or I'd better start running O.O

#12. I think that falls under the 'Observer Effect'. It didn't happen unless someone saw you and it altered the outcome.

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I feel like he's never been to Germany.

You mean you're not aware that anybody with even a remote connection to Germany must obviously be a member of the Nazi party?

"Don't be stupid. Be a smarty! Come and join the Nazi party!"

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Slap him on the head while raising your hand to salute and tell him he should have had a V8.

Explain that a new wrinkles been added. He must swiftly bring his palm to his forehead. Then answer, no, not like that. Try again!