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Today, it's the first day of fall. It's also the day that over 20 people have made jokes about my name being "Autumn" like they're the funniest, most original people alive. It's not even 8 am. This is going to be a long day. FML
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Aw :( I'm sorry. It's a really gorgeous name, though.

Trip them and say, "have a nice trip, see you next fall!"


Aw :( I'm sorry. It's a really gorgeous name, though.

Is that a boy's or girl's name. I need to know before I can come with the "original" jokes.

Did you seriously just ask if autumn was a girl or guy name?

Holy #30, no need to jump down his throat. I'm assuming that perhaps English is not his first language?

holy #36 did you really just assume that English wasn't his first language because he's not white??

#36 assumed that since they asked a question about English names lmao good try turning it around though

Assumption based on the question itself, and the grammar in his post, mostly.

Hmmm, this is why parents should think when naming their kids. Yes, the name may sound pretty and be yoonique, but is it going to plague your sweet child for the rest of their life?

#17 Autumn is a girls name but I can understand why you didn't know. The only reason I know is because I once met a girl named autumn.

Is your middle name "Rain?" I've met so many Autumn Rains and their parents all think it is the most original name ever. I went to school with a girl named Winter.

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I would think it would be interesting to see how many jokes they could come up with. Don't let silly things like this keep you down op, have fun with them instead.

My cousins name is Winter Sky Best! I've never heard of another Winter before. Not sure why my Aunt chose this unique name for her though, when her sisters are Kelsey and Hailey.

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I have a friend named Summer :)

Me too, but it's spelt sommer, and pronounced summer name is Jake so I get the "Jake from State Farm" joke year round.

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so many assumptions ^ XD but be happy OP there are worse names out there!

Two contradicting suggestions in a single line - impressive!

Honestly, you have a beautiful name. Don't mind anyone who makes jokes about it. I personally have always been self conscious about my name, and I have actually been planning on changing it as soon as I'm old enough. I haven't told my family about this. But I've always hated my name. I never liked it when someone says it, and I feel disappointed whenever I write it. Whenever I meet someone new and I say my own name out loud, I hate it. You, OP, have a beautiful name! I have put years of thought into my own, and I know I want to change it. But even after planning and wanting it for years, I still don't know what to change it too.

107- you wrote so much about hating your name. what is it?

#107 nobody cares about your name, you're just a tree. Quite frankly, you're lucky to have a name.

They are very creative in jokes :) (Sarcasm up and running)

if you didnt say that was sarcasm you would of been downvoted

hah autumn you fit right in with the season #21

Trip them and say, "have a nice trip, see you next fall!"

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Ha! I haven't heard that one since I rode my dinosaur to school! -.-

I'm already visualizing duct tape over your mouth.

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More like "have a good Fall". Not that I condone tripping people, lol.

#92, "Have a nice trip, have a good fall" or just "Have a good fall," because that was confusing as ****.

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Hey it's fall! It's not fall it's Autumn! Heyyyyyyy Autumn!

I would probably murder someone by the end of the day if I were in your shoes, my deepest condolences xD

A bit annoying yes, but I don't think it's really reason for murder...

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maybe instead, I'd just tell them how many people have already cracked the joke and make them feel lower than the dead leaves on the ground.

I know the feeling. Everyone always wants to say my name the russian way. Or say it just a completely different way. It sucks, but at least you have a pretty name so. :)

is that your name in your username? I can't really think of many ways to say it.

No my username is a character from a tv show i watch. Not my real name:)

Why make the comment in #7 of people saying your name the Russian way without mentioning what it is? We only have half the story.

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I'm betting #7's name is Natasha. It's the only name that I can think of that everyone would automatically jump to the Russian pronunciation.

People can only guess how to pronounce a name. I feel the same when people name their son Teegan, but it's pronounced Tie-gun and everyone is supposed to just know. Or they call their kid Madeiysin and people are supposed to know how it's pronounced. People aren't psychic.

My mom's name is Autumn and it hasn't really ever occurred to me to make "jokes" about it because they are quite obviously just stupid and way to easy too make :p good luck today haha

Too easy to make* lol I can't believe I did that -_-

Happens to the best of us. Admit the mistake and move forward.!

@ #8 If I was in your position I wouldn't make fun of my mothers because I know I'd regret it for the test of my life because my mom would scream at me and yell.

are your parents among those 20 because that's cold, man.

Stuff the next joker's mouth with dead leaves.