By jazzterchic - United States - San Antonio
Today, I found out that my boyfriend's mom doesn't believe you can get food poisoning from food that is cooked. She gave us food that had sat out all day/night and then got angry when I said we could get sick. FML
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By  luther48  |  20

It's not an iff statement though. Because it sat out also doesn't mean you'll get sick. It's like the idiots who think raw eggs/meat will get you sick because it's raw. More likely than if it's cooked, yes; will because it's raw, no.

  Calingaladha  |  21

The cooking process can help eliminate a lot of risk associated with bacteria and parasites. If food isn't kept suitably hot/cold, even after being cooked, it invites bacteria growth which can cause illness. So the risk is substantially increased. Eating something raw isn't guaranteed to hurt you, but you need to be careful about it. Foods that will be eaten raw should be stored, handled, and prepared in certain ways to minimize that risk.

By  Laphog  |  17

That's why I only eat foods riddled with preservatives. And Taco Bell.

Delicious , and safe.

We'll talk about cancer years down the road from now .

By  species4872  |  19

We can't eat that, fine, give it to the dog. No wonder the dog woke up and bit that other guy on the face.

By  r1has  |  28

OP's MIL:What do you mean you can get sick from food that's cooked
I roasted it over a fire for three seconds ten years ago
Why would it matter that rats ate half of it and cats peed on it
You're just spoiled and selfish, darn millennials.
Sorry op, I hope it gets better