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Today, I got hit by a USPS truck. Luckily, I have car insurance. Just kidding. My insurance got cancelled two days ago for lack of responding to letters they sent. Letters that the USPS didn't deliver. FML
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wow thanks for all the comments guys! yes, my luck in this case was awful. for those wondering, I did pay my insurance. the issue wasn't non payment. I just bought my car less than a month ago. Progressive, my company, never informed me of the photo inspection with new cars and since this is my first new car I had no idea. They chose their sole form of communication through postal service. Never received an email. so comp and collision were cancelled on my car insurance. Now the post office is 100% responsible for fixing my car. However, since its the government insurance they take their sweet time. I will be without my car for many months unless my insurance will cover and they can reimburse my insurance. You guessed it....that's not gonna happen. yes I will be suing. yes I will be without my brand new car, that now has $7000 worth of damage. fml.

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They hit you... They are responsible for the damages, not you.


No, just send an angry letter via USPS! But wait.. they might not get it..

Surely you can claim from their legal liability. Your insurance company should sort that out for you, I know mine would, even if the policy had been cancelled.

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Can't see him winning. You should still know when your bill is due even without a notice and he should have called his insurance company when he wasn't receiving anything in the mail.

Don't sue, just lodge a claim with UPS. They're at fault and are liable.

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Wow. That really sucks! I'm sorry OP! That's what I call bad luck!

Yeah SERIOUS bad luck. I hope there's something OP can do about this to make the situation at least a little easier

Hey, at least he only has to go to one place to claim. It'd be much more complicated if he was hit by another vehicle and tried claiming from USPS for not delivering his mail on time.

hopefully you get it straightened out, op!

It sucks, but you ARE responsible for keeping up with things like that.

She is responsible for getting hit by a truck and not delivering the mail to the insurance company?? ?

25, she didn't get the letters FROM the insurance company, it wasn't her letters that weren't delivered. Which is even worse because she actually would have no way of knowing, if it was her letters not being delivered then she could at least contact the insurance company to find out what was up when they kept sending her letters.

I doubt that they ONLY sent letters. Usually there are phone calls and emails before cancellations.

I only get mail from my insurer #85, nothing else.

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No. They're responsible for their own bills. They should have called their insurance company when they werent receiving them in the's seriously annoying how everyone in America are so quick on threatening to sue.

Ahh the ubiquitous and incorrect use of the word 'irony'

Ahh, the pedantic poster using large words to sound intelligent, while pointing out someone else's "mistake".

Yeah, um #14.... Pretty sure that's one of the most spot on examples I've seen of irony recently.

They hit you... They are responsible for the damages, not you.

Not in a no fault state. Also, I think you're shit out of luck if you're driving without insurance, because you're breaking the law driving a vehicle that is not insured

That's not how it works. I was a liability adjuster, for years. It depends on what happened in the loss. If the driver of the USPS truck was 100% negligent in the loss (determined by the insurance of USPS) then they are responsible for 100% of OP's losses, regardless of if they are uninsured. Most states just don't allow uninsured claimants to recover pain and suffering. But, OP didn't actually say what happened in the loss. Also, their insurance was probably canceled for non payment. The letters they missed were probably notifying them of this.. You don't have to keep in contact with your insurance carrier on a regular basis.

Where I live, if you are driving without insurance and get hit, it is considered your fault because you should not be on the road in the first place.

Sounds like someone at USPS is trying to get rid of you, OP

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Time to either sue or file a complaint, because it's their incompetence that's left you in this situation. Hopefully you can work this out OP good luck.