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By  jeanniecm1984  |  17

Yeah, now is when they start coming out of the woodwork. My mom started getting insane amounts of calls after my dad passed away. These companies are run by scumbags.

  Aylla89  |  3

Also blocking their number, asking to be put on a "Do Not Call" list, threatening them as a last resort, or not having a house phone. We get so many more calls on the landline than on our cells, but we still keep it as a convenience to contact those without cells at home. We just go ballistic on telemarketers now. ;) they get to a point of rage triggering. They still call about our grandparents who died 11 years ago. Morons.

By  lat1404  |  16

Burglars often target the home of the recently deceased, as death notices are basically advertising an empty house. They learn of their death in newspapers or something similar and will call up the home before breaking in to make sure that it is empty. Be careful.