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By dripdripdrop - 26/01/2010 18:44 - United States

Today, it's raining at my work. Not outside, inside, because our building's boiler broke and all the pipes are dripping with condensation. I have to sit at my desk under an umbrella to protect my laptop and desk phone. The HVAC company said, "Don't worry, this is normal." FML
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Hahahaha, I'd love to see what's "abnormal" in your company's eyes.

saranottelling 7

Do you work in an umbrella factory?


it's his laptop and desk phone. the water is probably dripping all over the place. which means it doesn't matter if he moves it, and he has to keep it at his WORK desk, dipshit.

Assuming niagra falls wasn't coming from the ceiling he could have moved stuff to a place that wasnt dripping, but thanks for calling me dipshit over your assumption you ol' butthead.

Hahahaha, I'd love to see what's "abnormal" in your company's eyes.

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omfg u have to hold an umbrella hardcore dude. YDI for working at wal-Mart

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i got 69% for my geography prelim last year. i smiled to myself when i got it back and the teacher asked what i found "so amusing that [i had] to make a scene" (lmao nothing more than a smirk) and i wouldn't tell him so i was told to "git right oot ma class now" i was like wtf... and teachers say PUPILS have attitude

teachers are the only people who can be as corrupt as cops when abusing they're power. they are ******* pathetic.

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that suxx and that's normal?! wow

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this isn't true. they wouldn't make you work in those conditions. that's an electricity hazard.

AHAHAHAHA...they said it was normal?? They are retarded. There is nothing normal about that. i would have just gotten my stuff and left. Because what kind of job makes you sit and work in that? I would rather walk out and be fired. LOL