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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

How would that work? I don't think gals would like driving across state just to clean out their nether region.. Unless perhaps that's the best douche around and they don't feel comfortable using the douches around town. Hmm.. I'll ponder this over for a minute..

By  natheitz  |  23

It's called aging

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I don't know fellas, maybe OP let himself go or went on an 8 month meth binge. If you'd go on an 8 month meth ride by the time you're finished an 18 year old would look like 50 year old. Stop smoking meth, OP. It's bad, very, very bad.

  sxychik  |  4

Are you fucking serious 82? Your comment made me so mad that it actually drove me to the point in logging into my ancient account just to tell you how much of an asshole you are. Every single person is beautiful in their own way. Not everyone is a shallow dick like you or the OP's ex.

  speakersboom  |  19

THAT'S why, #82. Because there will always be at least on person in the world that sees you as beautiful. They could be the person closest to you, or someone who happened to pass you on the street and took a second look because they HAD to see that beauty just one more time before they went on with their day, a little bit happier than before.

  Insanemf18  |  12

How do you know that they"re not ugly to you though you said you bet their beautiful so tell me you've never seen them you know km nothing of their personality or history

But they're beautiful to you?

By  JackStone96  |  4

You don't need an ass like him. Go out there and find yourself a new guy. There are plenty of guys who will treat you better than he did. I bet there are even some in your area too!