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  Woozzi  |  0

So I think the phrase "head over heels in love with _____" should be changed to "heels over head..."
Because the current one either means you love someone so much you're walking normally (as my head is normally located above my heels) or you're tripping dramatically over everything (which =/= safe imo).
Whereas "heels over head in love with _____" could mean you're gliding around on your head, which is awesome.
The end.

  Woozzi  |  0

Baha okay #18 solid point, except I don't think that's synonymous with love. I'll concede "head over heels LOVING" as a viable phrase :p
@20 --> -blush- oh stop it, you.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

LMAO @ #4!

I guess I would laugh too if I saw someone feel down some stairs!

OP, he saw you were okay (I'm assuming you would've mentioned if you were seriously injured). No need to be embarrassed, just laugh it off.

  Tripout  |  0

@41: NO. NO. This guy obviously has a sense of humor. Only a comidy lover would laugh at the pain of someone so close as a new gf.....I know I long as I knew she was ok. UR A LIAR IF YOU SAY YOU WOULDNT LAUGH AT SOMEONE WHO DID THIS 