By Distracted - 13/08/2009 12:18 - United States

Today, it was my first day at a new school. I pulled into the parking lot and saw this really cute guy. I was checking him out in my rear view mirror. When I looked ahead, there was something in the road, so I swirved real hard and took down an entire wooden fence. That something was a plastic bag. FML
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This is why, WHEN DRIVING, PAY ATTENTION IN FRONT OF YOU. Come on.... I can't stress this enough.

YDI. People like you shouldn't have a driving license at all.


This is why, WHEN DRIVING, PAY ATTENTION IN FRONT OF YOU. Come on.... I can't stress this enough.

FYL for being a woman and not being able to drive

Agreed. Women should have to pass a rigorous test before they can get their license.

FYL for living in Alabama

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kpanchal- We DO have to pass a test. I can't say it's all that rigorous, but still, it's a test.

Yeah. Now he thinks you're just a bimbo who can't drive, rather than just a bimbo.

Shut up, women should have to pass a different test because they're worse at driving

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Gee, when a similar FML was posted about a guy distracted by two hot girls crashing into the car in front of him, nobody said anything about male drivers. Higher insurance premiums, worst drivers on average, you may shut up now.

Yup, you're right, you can shut up now, because you take the fact that teenage men get higher premiums because companies see them as a higher risk to do stupid shit in a car (which, I'll admit, I did) and morph it into "men have higher premiums because they suck at driving".

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Doing stupid shit in a car IS bad driving. I don't understand why men treat risk-tasking separate from their overall driving skills. I'm just sick of seeing the usual unimaginative and erroneous claims about women drivers whenever an FML like this surfaces, when accident rates are fairly equal-opportunity.

You need to learn that feminist groups will modify statistics to make women appear to be better than men. Including driving. Yes, men have more accidents per day than women do. But that number means nothing. Accidents per distance travelled (milage) is where the statistics are found, and they say women are significantly worse. The simple fact is, men drive a lot more than women, and as a result have more accidents overall. But for any given man or woman, driving a set distance, the woman is more likely to have an accident. That's like saying that Russia has more tropical forrest than Brazil, just because Russia's bigger.

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"That's like saying that Russia has more tropical forrest(forest) than Brazil, just because Russia's bigger." Eh, a better example would be to look at wealth. Like America has more millionaires than Ireland, but Ireland has more millionaires per capita.

That's actually really awesome, thanks! I spent a few minutes trying to come up with one, but gave up and used the Russia one. XD

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The fact that you would irrationally blame "feminist groups" for driving statistics makes me question the source of your own. And it doesn't make automatically make men good drivers to say that women are bad ones. That's the point, right? The only sweeping generalization you can make is that good drivers, regardless of binary gender, are an unfortunate minority.

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It also depends on location. In somewhere south people are usually more polite drivers which results in safer driving than somewhere like D.C. or NYC where there are a lot of asshole drivers. (I'm not saying all drivers in NYC are assholes or that all southern drivers are polite, it's just a majority thing)

For the love of god, just shut up everyone. It was a troll. Who cares who drives better overall, it's YOUR driving that should matter to you. That's like saying "well, all black chicks don't wear shirts" because most dark-skinned people live in Africa, and those tribes usually are bare-chested.* How many of you REALLY care about who that idiot is behind the wheel who just did something stupid? "Oh, typical women, they can't drive!" - "Typical men thinking they can do whatever they want!" - "Typical stupid teenagers!" -- and all that will come from the same person, too. Seriously. Don't get your panties in a bunch, just be the exception. Anyway, onto the OP: You're stupid. The end. (*I just pulled that out of my ass on assumption. If it's wrong, well, whatever, you see my point)

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What's with people and bad analogies today?

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In ALABAMA???? now thats unheard of haha YDI tho for living there

Oh really? I didn't have to take a "special" test, and I'm a girl. If women are worse at driving, then why is the insurance for women lower than it is for men? Huh? And for the rest of you saying "YDI for living in Alabama", the state she lives in has nothing to do with her wrecking into a fence. I live in Alabama and have never taken down a fence with my car, so your statement is irrelevant. @OP, you should really pay attention to what's in front of you. Your life and a car is more important than a guy in the rearview mirror that you've never even met.

Yamba, you do know that more accidents and vehicle related fatalities are caused by men, right. Especially teenage males. Why do you think car insurance for men under 25 is double or triple that of their female counterparts. It's because young men try to posture and impress other people while behind the wheel because they are absolute dipshits with excess levels of testosterone in their systems that won't level out until they stop growing around 25. So, how many accidents have you caused? Or rather, how many times have you failed the driving test?

License and registration please. Step out of the car, mam. YDI. Have a nice day.

I agree #1. So many people cause accidents because of stupid moments like these. I don't think they understand how dangerous it really is. Luckily OP just took out a fence and not a person or animal

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Just run it over!

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Well those plastic bags sure are dangerous.

YDI. People like you shouldn't have a driving license at all.

enough of the plastic bag crap..theres too many of them

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There are other platic bag ones?

CaiDog 20

No, but there are other plastic bag ones.

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^^ Woulda been hilarious if it was his wooden fence.

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oops. was supposed to be a reply.

How many times will it have to be said, YDI for DWFemale.

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FYL for being a sexist bastard who is probably going to get shot in a group of Feminists when you suggest they're shopping for bras and pads or something like that.

Feminist groups cant shoot, there females.

Oh rightttt cause you think you're top shit don't you? Well that's funny considering you don't know the difference between 'there' and 'they're', so enough with the 'guys are better than girls' attitude and go shove your ego up your ass.

okay so every fml i seem to read about car crashes have been because some moron wasn't watching the road and then saw saw "something" that was a plastic bag. i'm sick of reading about plastic bags... find

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I'm editing your comment for you "Shit like this is the main reason why cell phones are banned IN SOME PLACES while driving" note: This is not me being a bitch, Its me saving you from everyone telling you that you're wrong. You made good points and I'm defending them before they get attacked. cell phones arent banned while driving everywhere.