By i believe in shaq - 19/08/2012 22:28 - United States - Muskegon

Today, my husband announced that he was fed up with us being known as the neighborhood slobs, and prepared to take down all the Christmas decorations still up from last year. He then decided it was too much effort, and that he'd leave them up to give us a three month head-start. FML
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It would be almost pointless to take them down now... But you should probably attend to that soon after Christmas this year...

Now that's a smart man. Theres no point taking them down this far into the year. But still a slob


It would be almost pointless to take them down now... But you should probably attend to that soon after Christmas this year...

Or just do like my neighbor does and take them down yourself! Can't always be counting on men to do the work, that was the 50's. (yes, I'm a guy, but my dad's the same way sometimes)

Yeah OP sounds like the lazy one. If you don't like it, do it yourself

Maybe if you leave them up Santa will come everyday. Who knows?

Christmas is just a little over 4 months sooo

Now that's a smart man. Theres no point taking them down this far into the year. But still a slob

Call me crazy, but op could have...just maybe...not written an fml and took down the lights herself

^why not both.. It's not like writing an FML is going to take the whole day.

I don't understand how this has anything to do with Shaq

its just their username

Well now I know how to get thumbed down in case I want that to happen in the future

Peoples usernames often have nothing to do with their FML because they already had their account before posting the FML..where have you been?

#3 Why is your comment all about JayZ and not anything about the FML?

23- you made me not want to live on this planet anymore

He was using #3's own logic against him. Hint: #3's username is "JiggaJayZ" - OP's is something about Shaq. Since when was wit an undesirable trait, you hopelessly oblivious fool?

KaySL, you must have not read my profile. It's obvious #28 was wanting to leave this planet because I'm an inspiring astronaut. It's not like he thought I was a hopeless idiot and he himself did not understand sarcasm, nooooo. That would be just plain stupid.

Ohhh! Well in that case, I apologise to you, DreaminOfMusic. You clearly aren't the moronic buffoon that I made you out to be, and you could indeed comprehend a simple bit of witty sarcasm if your life depended on it. See, who says we can't all admit our mistakes and get along? Thanks, Sassy! :D I would add a proper [/sarcasm] tag here, but I'd only open it up again in my next comment anyway.

That is excellent. I leave mine up in my room all year round. Complete with moving deer.

That's the smartest way to go. I mean, in a single day, the husband turned from the biggest slob in the neighborhood into the most proactive guy there. Good for him.

I feel too normal now for taking them down no more than two weeks after :(

You should take them down. It's a good idea

No one I've ever known doesn't take down their Christmas decorations. That's just wierd.

I seen people that leave them up all the time and just light them up in December. They tried leaving the manger up all year round, but raccoons kept stealing all the baby Jesuses during the summer.

15- I'll have to remember that... If I ever need Raccoon bait, they like garbage and baby Jesus statues...

Christmas only happens once a year. Same should go for Christmas decorations.

As in, only have them up once a year, during Christmas.

Whoa. And all this time I thought Christmas lights were only supposed to go up during Easter.

Because I come across certain idiots that need things simplified.

Halloween must be an interesting time of year, what with all the inflatable snowmen and bright lights on the lawn.

It's going for the ironic effect lol

Don't forget about blowing out the candles on the cake and pinching other people for not finding Easter eggs on this happy 4th of July.

7- Their house is going as "Christmas House" for Halloween this year.

Ever since Black Christmas, I've been thinking twice about Santa coming down the chimney! I say thumbs up for originality

Christmas of horrors.

I guess you can say its the Nightmare before Christmas.

Sounds like my family. One time we had our Christmas tree and lights up for two years straight. Laziness at its finest...

Damn man that's sad.

Yule be glad he left the decorations up when November comes around.