By Anonymous - 04/05/2013 13:32 - United States - San Leandro

Today, I had to share my room with my cousin while she stayed over. I let her take my bed while I slept on the floor. Not only do my back and neck hurt, but I had to clean vomit out of my hair. Apparently, she "wasn't feeling well" last night. FML
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Kick her. Don't kick her out of the house. Just kick her.

That's a little sickening, isn't it?


That's a little sickening, isn't it?

Whoa! Where is all the anger coming from??

Yeah, seriously. Calm your shit down guys, I found the comment amusing.

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A little? That's more than just "a little" sickening. That's just disgusting!

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at least she missed your face.

I was personally thinking that in the middle night the hair rubbed over her face.

I wouldn't care where it was. ***** still nasty.

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yeah Thats funny. Shoulda kept the bed

^Has the power of 20/20 vision into the past? Yea I hear that's pretty rare

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word!! i probably wouldn't have given up my bed in the first place!!

Kick her. Don't kick her out of the house. Just kick her.

...what happens if OP ends up kicking the shit out her?!

She couldn't help it. I would be upset, but why kick her? She probably didn't have time to run to the bathroom. Also, from the sounds of it, she was passed out right after.... I would think if someone puked on you, -and they were aware- they'd at least wake you up to clean yourself off. Since she didn't, I think she was still asleep, or so tired she didn't see that she puked on her family.

It's a little embarassing to get sick at someone else's house... Still, she should have tried to get to the bathroom quicker....

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In that situation op probably would have just been trampled instead lol. Lose - lose situation, in my eyes

I'd rather me trampled on than have vomit in my hair.

She had two sides of the bed to choose to throw up over and she chose your side. You should feel special.

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Unless the bed is against the wall.

My bed is up against the wall, now I have so much more room for activities!

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karma has a funny way of working these days.

Are we assuming that OP has screwed her cousin over sometime in the past? Cuz it seems like the cousin is just a douche too lazy to get up and yak in the toilet, not karma

How is that karma?? Letting someone take your bed sounds like a very nice thing to me. But I also think that OP's cousin was sound asleep and didn't have time to go too the bathroom. You don't always get foresight into these occurrences.

dinosxxrawr 22

i do believe there's good and bad karma. I meant OP was being a good person but ended up getting puked on. and that's karma being an ass.

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*vomit orgy* lol. Oh man, Where else did she puke??? Never mind, I don't want to know. Time for a hair cut!

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*gags* The image of a vomit orgy is going to haunt for the rest of the day... Thanks!

*faps* the image of a vomit orgy is going to arouse me for the rest of my life.

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You're welcome #50! :) haha. And 59, DA FUQ is wrong with you? If that's sarcasm, that's really terrible, if not, you got issues regardless of what you say now.

Not sarcasm, atleast I wouldn't call it sarcasm, just my sick way of ******* with people... And their vomit.

Maybe she secretly hates you? Fyl for being nice to her and her being a bitch back

Sometimes people get sick and can't get to the bathroom in time, especially in a strange house. If you've never thrown up while you were asleep, consider yourself lucky.