Auntie Flow

By iluvjenknee - 22/01/2010 06:26 - United States

Today, at work, I was ringing up some tampons for a woman, and I usually try to interact with the shoppers as much as possible. I was trying to think of something witty or funny to say but drew a blank, so I decided just to say, "Have a nice night." What I actually said was, "Have a nice flow." FML
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hahaha i bet she was bloody embarassed!

don't feel bad that's funny :D


don't feel bad that's funny :D

Seems to me many of these fml's are popping up, like the " im easy" girl. I guess people have trouble speaking nowadays.

not trouble speaking, trouble having a real FML and having to copy someone elses! I have no sympathy fod you whatsoever

hahaha i bet she was bloody embarassed!

yeah, I see how that could happen because flow and night sound very simliar...

I see what you did there...

its more like he was thinking flow as related to tampons and night to tell her and ogt the wrong word outside

#2 no pun intended :) ? Besides OP that is funny if she got mad at you she probably didn't buy Always -no happy period

me 2. i am behind you with a cutthroaght razor. say shawie and youll survive. Shawie?

Haha. Sadly, I think I would have been, if I were her. I'm one of the many chicks who has to buy at least one extra item as a distraction when buying feminine products, if there's a male cashier. But don't feel bad, it was by far not the worst Freudian slip ever!

yea it was an awkward period of time. OH SHIT PUN WAR!

least you got your somethin funny

LOL! Sounds like something I would accidently say! :)

That's a dangerous speech impediment you have there.

That is hilarious! I wish my cassier would say something like that!

wow, how do u go from "nice night" to "nice flow"? be greatful she didn't report u!

mabye she did

Report him for /what/?

Freudian Slips, FTW! XD

What? That... what? How could you possibly get those two words confused?

i would be so embarrassed if i had said that, but i would prolly crack up if a cashier said that to me while i was buying tampons.