By Loser - 21/08/2013 15:17 - United States

Today, I got my girlfriend to play Smash Bros Brawl with me. As it was her first time, I set up handicaps to give her at least a shot at winning. She won, quite handily. A little irritated at this, I took off the handicaps and tried again. She beat me even faster. FML
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What? A girl is good at something outside the kitchen? What is this sorcery!!

How dare people be competitive and irritated when they lose.

The game and the interaction with my opponent is worth so much more to me than an empty victory.

But you aren't representative of every gamer. He knows the game and couldn't help being irritated by being brutally owned by a beginner, much like a bunch of us would be likely to, too. He didn't say he flipped his shit, he said he was a little irritated.

Do note it was her first time, I'm sure many a veteran player would be irritated if they were to lose to a newbie. Either she's a fast learner, or he's not as good as he thinks he is.

I played the game a lot when it came out and I loved perfecting a playstyle with Link. So when my 10 year old cousin who barely knew how to play beat me from time to time, especially with just button mashing and unbalanced items, I can say it was a little frustrating.

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I think he's mad he learned how much of a n00b he is.

Veterans. Newbies. What's in between boobies

@Everyone - The game is casual friendly, don't worry. Go play Melee or 64.

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Melee is the best, but also has the sharpest learning curve :L

Girlpower! I love that game. My brother bought the same game years ago, he still hasn't beaten me in it, nor have my cousins. Pikachu is the shit.

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am I the only one that thinks lucas is the best?

I'm irritated whenever my newb friend goes and thrashes me in dota. So I understand OP

Am i the only one who still plays smash bros brawl with a Wii remote and nunchuck?

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Yeah **** his life for getting beat in a video game.

Well if she was Pilachu and spammed Thunder like a little bitch then if be mad too. Lol

I'd* Jesus. I'll show myself the door.

He could just suck... OR THAT GIRL IS A BADASS

She could have been playing as Kirby. Kirby never looses!

Kirby always loses. Spamming up and b will just get you killed by anyone with a brain.

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Maybe you should put handicap on yourself.?

Isn't that what he did? Why would he put handicaps on his girlfriend if he wanted to give her a shot at winning?

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#79 handicaps make it easier.

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I'm sure he would clarified if he had put the handicap at first for the both of them.

We ladies know how to push buttons and score :)

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You girls may know how to push buttons, but we men know how to tea bag. Which is better?

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#30 You men may "tea bag" but us women will cut your ******* balls off if you try to pull something like that.

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Not in my experience.. ;) haha. Ahh, good times.

You have forgotten the ability for "taco tapping"?

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Don't smash yourself up about it, natural ability is as good as practice. Plus she'll be grateful if you don't mention it, just tell her she's good...

Your point is? It's not that big of a deal. Girls can be good at playing video games too..

It is for OP, otherwise he wouldn't have posted that fml using 'looser' as username. Even though there are every day more girls playing video games that are usually played by men, it is still a minority, and a lot of them haven't had the years of experience a lot of men have. Video games is saw as a masculine activity. Of course girls can be good at it and obviously no one should feel ashamed because a girl wins, but it is a normal reaction for a guy. It's like losing to a girl in a rugby match or in a car race.

The FML wasn't about being beaten by a girl. It was about being beaten by someone who was new to a game OP had played many, many times.

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I could beat your ass in any game any day. >:::;)

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I read it as he was irritated he lost in general by someone who never played the game. If he was irritated by losing to a girl, he would've clarified it.

Maybe she lied to you about never smashing before. She wanted you to think you were her first.

I hate that. I'm trying to be all technical and do these fancy attacks and my gf just uses up b over and over and kills me.

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You shouldn't underestimate her

Lucky it wasn't Tekken... She'd have Tekken it you really hard.

And another girl gamer was born from tasting the sweet victory of beating another person at a video game... DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNN

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