By bob - 22/10/2011 04:55 - Canada

Today, I got into a pretty heated argument with my boss. On my way out the door I told him he would be lucky if I came back to work. Unfortunately, I left the interior light on in my truck and it drained the battery. I had to go back in and ask for a jump. FML
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Red7646 0

I guess your boss is really lucky.


Too bad, sounds like you were winning. FYL though I see why most people think YDI... As if they never left a light on.

Marcella1016 31

19 - Probably moreso because they got into THAT heated of an argument with their boss and damn near quit. I was expecting the FML to say OP got fired.

bitchslapped22 14

Reminds me of Kevin Hart when he has to go ask his wife for his keys because he left them in the house after getting into an arguement

That awkward moment when your boss looked at you walk in after threatening him that you wouldn't come back...

You actually went back in. I would have rather walked home than to ask for help after that argument. I wouldn't care how far away I lived.

SolemnlyLove 7

i really dont know why but in a sense YDI

13FTW 9

I really don't know why but, your argument is invalid. Dumbass.

Red7646 0

I guess your boss is really lucky.

Funny, you came back a couple of minutes after you haid he'd be lucky if you came back.

marpay 11
marpay 11

Nwa as in north west Arkansas?

No, as in n***** wit attitudes. I didn't want to say the n word, because I'm not black.

ryukk_fml 3

Well he might want to start investing in the lottery! (sarcasm) You'll be lucky if you get a jump.

Epsilonyx 15

Was your boss the only one you could ask for a jump?