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Today, my boyfriend said he felt like eating icing. So I baked him cupcakes, put icing on them and decorated them. When I handed them to him, he picked off the decoration, licked the icing and handed the cupcake back to me, saying, "I told you that's all I wanted." FML
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Well he did tell you that's what he wanted...

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Wow. Your boyfriend is a bit ungrateful, huh. He could've at least said thank you for making them, even if he didn't want them.


Mads_1234 28

Wow. Your boyfriend is a bit ungrateful, huh. He could've at least said thank you for making them, even if he didn't want them.

Why are you mad at him? He said he only wanted icing.. She was the one over compensating, sure it was sweet of her, but he still only wished for one thing. Maybe there is a lesson to learned for op, not to complicate hers boyfriend brain?

Ungrateful, but on the opposite side, she completely ignored what he said and took it way too far. He wanted icing. Why would she be surprised that he ONLY ATE THE ICING? Men will tell you exactly what's on their minds. If they tell you they want icing, they don't want cupcakes, just icing.

I would have just plopped a can of icing on his lap anyway lol.

I'm surprised he waited long enough for the OP to bake cupcakes. Usually when I'm craving something, I want it then and there.

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This is exactly what I think OP should have done, all he asked for was icing he never mentioned cupcakes.

Hm, it is too bad she didn't ask for more specific clarifications, but to go and say she was completely ignoring him (in response to 41) is going a little bit too far. Obviously she understood he wanted icing or she wouldn't have made cupcakes in the first place. Personally, I think it was sweet of her. While it is fine that he only ate the icing (that is after all what he asked for), I agree that he could at least have said thank you.

But he made it clear that all he wanted was icing. Sure, it was nice of you, but he was clear from the start.

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Or maybe she should have listened to what he was really saying! Just grab the icing

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Well at least he's honest and direct

Well he did tell you that's what he wanted...

Still, I don't blame OP for thinking the iced cupcakes were a good idea or for being upset that he just nonchalantly handed them back to her after licking off all the icing. I mean, it's a bit like saying 'I really feel like nutella' so you make him a nutella sandwich and he licks off the nutella and gives you back the bread O.o

24 - Coincidentally, both can be eaten with a spoon from the container.

#53, Exactly, which is why I used the example. Just because you CAN eat it with a spoon from a container doesn't mean you can't enjoy it in other ways. It's also kinda unhealthy to just eat spoonfuls of it, there's so much sugar. My boyfriend does that and his family always has to hide the nutella cuz it'll be gone in a day otherwise, he'll just eat it by itself.

lol, I've only gotten mad at him the times when he doesn't leave any for me, because that's when it becomes inconsiderate. His family and I mostly just find it funny, not rude; when he likes something a lot he'll just keep eating it and sheepishly forget when to stop. So I take it as a compliment sometimes when I make him something and he eats it all in minutes LOL. Also food that's in the family pantry/fridge isn't only meant to be consumed by the person who buys it. Personally I think your mum is quite harsh for kicking her son out just for that.

And this is the difference between being young and single and being married for 30 years. Young and single goes overboard to fulfill a simple request. 30 years married hands him a can of icing and a spoon.

64- i do that after 3 years :P or tell him where the kitchen is and he should get it himself

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My brother is like that too. If you ask him whether he needs something from the shop (once a week), he says no. But then he takes stuff anyway. It's not a problem he also wants cereals, but it would be nice if he told us to bring extra rather than finish someone else's breakfast in three days.

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@SMHsohard, actually. With 30 years of marriage, he'd be told to get his lazy ass off the couch and get his own icing and spoon.

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I agree. I don't get why people are chastising the OP when she went out of her way to make cupcakes. If he wants frosting, he can buy a can or accept what she makes him. Also, maybe she didn't just want icing and prefers it on cupcakes. He should be thankful for the effort.

@Redpill: I was initially going to say just that, but was afraid I'd get thumbed down for being "mean and bitter" lol

She could have used it to her advantage and put frosting all over her body.

He should be grateful. I mean, don't cupcakes taste good too? Unless op makes horrible cupcakes, and I'm sure that's not possible.

To be fair he did say he just wanted the icing. Nevertheless unless he didn't know you we're baking them he should have reminded you when he saw you making cupcakes.

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I notice that a lot of people assume her boyfriend was in the kitchen and/or saw her making those cupcakes. Very strange, because generally when I cook, no one keeps me company or comes in to look. And for all we know he wasn't even in the same house while she was baking.

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Well, he did tell you that the icing was what he wanted. If a man says he wants icing, then he wants icing.

Next time he says that,shove some ice in his mouth....!

Tell him to go frost himself. Then eat a cupcake.

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That was very nice of u but that is all he said he wanted

I don't know why, but I thought this was going to end on a sexual note...

I wouldn't be surprised if "Icing" was really a new sexual reference :/ there's just too many.

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Or maybe he just wanted to watch some hockey.