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Today, my wedding venue called and canceled our reservation because we were double booked with a spaghetti bingo night, which they felt was more important. FML
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I'm curious about this venue. Is it really a good place for a wedding if they have things like spaghetti bingo night?


Till angry old people chase you down in their wheelchairs and crutches.

#12 And spaghetti! They will have alot of spaghetti at their disposal too.

anonymous100000 17's a small simple word that everyone should know how to spell. please educate yourself before you get hitched.

83: "Canceled" is an acceptable spelling in the US.

Actually why don't you educate yourself because #1 meant to say "crash"

#95 I think he was referring to the spelling of 'canceled' by the OP not #1.

thatd be an epic wedding reception. spaghetti and bingo! theyd tear that bingo up! and the bingo people would probably enjoy it! and when bingos over, then you can do the typical dancing.

That sucks! I hope you get something sorted out soon

Because spaghetti bingo night IS better than a wedding and therefore they have no reason to be angry.

A spaghetti bingo night?! My dreams are finally reality!

Honestly, if OP is having a wedding in a place that also has spaghetti bingo night, maybe it's better that OP has a chance to rethink it and have the wedding somewhere else.

If it was drag spaghetti bingo that would really be the trifecta!

The solution is to have a spaghetti bingo wedding.

#54: You little thread-jacker. You will feel the Flying Spaghetti Monster's wrath!

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B-7. N-42. I do! I could see these two events being combined.

Bingo over a wedding......Strange priority there..

Maybe they pay more, or, if cleaning is included in the venue, they expect the place being tidier after a bunch of bingo players than a whole wedding reception.

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Not really, the bingo thing could mean returning customers, whereas a wedding is (hopefully) a one time event.

There's sure to be more people winning at the bingo than the wedding.

This is likely the reason. Perhaps the bingo folks are regulars and they don't want to lose them. Still sucks, though.

If you already paid some non-refundable deposit, take them to court and get your money back!

Idk, but spaghetti IS pretty important. Legit though, sucks for you. Have your wedding at my apartment instead? It almost has air conditioning

Almost as in he will stand next to and breathe on your face. Its... almost refreshing.

I'm curious about this venue. Is it really a good place for a wedding if they have things like spaghetti bingo night?

#15 I wasn't really thinking of size I was thinking more about the quality of the place. When I hear spaghetti bingo night I think like a community center or a retirement home.

when you put it that way I see what you mean. Better off finding a nicer place that pays attention to what they book also.

Could've been like a firehouse or even a church. My church does weird shit like that. Plus would make more sense of them to choose bingo over a wedding if they didn't approve.

Maybe OP can't afford a really nice place?

Pfft, I had my wedding reception at a village hall. Decked it out in handmade decorations, got a fantastic caterer to serve delicious food, had some lovely live music, it was so much fun and I never regretted not having a fancy venue!

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I'm getting married at a community center here soon. But it is a really nice one and has a room they use just for weddings

#10 you've never been to spaghetti bingo night have you? Haha jokes aside this place probably isn't the right place to have a wedding anyway

Close friends of mine got married at the community rose gardens, absolutely beautiful place. Sounds like a far better option than a place that does spaghetti bingo AND it's free just incase the other venue doesn't refund your money as quickly as you need it

You should have the wedding there anyway

#11 If they aren't allowing it then it's really not up to OP

I had meant it as a big "screw you" to the venue...I'm well aware it's not up to the OP just thought it would have been funny if they were in the middle of bingo and all of a sudden a big wedding party walks in and takes over