By Anonymous - United States
Today, I brought a cupcake to school for my friend's birthday. After taking one bite, she exclaimed that it was the worst thing she had ever tasted and that we should sue the store that I bought it from. I baked it myself. FML
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By  pronounciations  |  5

friend's a douche

By  bkenney  |  0

how hard is it to make a cupcake?? it's really not that hard, I mean I can do it so you should be able to also.
I'm guessing you either can't read, or refuse to follow directions...

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Well, she didn't have any problems MAKING the cupcakes. There was just this small issue of taste.
I wonder if OP had tasted them and came to a similar conclusion or not. Taste is subjective.

OP if your tastebuds don't agree with your friend then screw her, otherwise you might want to brush up on that recipe and find out what went wrong.