By why?! - 10/09/2011 01:57 - United States

Today, my mom baked cupcakes for my visiting grandparents. Later, I saw my grandpa chowing down on them. Even later, my mom demanded to know why there were a dozen cupcake wrappers on my bed. I've essentially been framed by my own grandpa, and am now grounded for a month. FML
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How disgusting of you to blame it on your poor old grandpa

nick347b 6

Take your moms secret stash of chocolate and throw the wrappers on his bed.


How disgusting of you to blame it on your poor old grandpa

Your grandpa might not even 'remember' eating them, even if you did confront him about it. Either way, take the grounding as an unfortunate lesson in life: old folks are sneaky bastards.

God damn alzheimer!!

brandon_marsh 4

Wat is this person, 8 years old

Terrible comment ^^

ShroomsOnAcid 16

22, I'm willing to bet you are.

I think OPs mom thinks that OP is mental. Why on earth would she just leave wrappers sitting on her bed if she knew that it would get her in major trouble.

lmfao_shame 9

Your gramps ate a dozen all by himself what a fat shit and your mum thinks you could?

This is why I'm going to love being an old person.

YourEvilHero 12

cool grandparents. pro tip: steal their depends as revenge

Sounds to me like old gramps did the 3 wheel motion ahaha. You better check yoself before you break yoself.

NurseHolly 3

Is it just me, or is that a really long time to get grounded for eating cupcakes?

monkeys1315 0

Haha your grandpas cool as hell.

So frame the old goat by taking a shit on his bed. Paybacks are hell.

This means your grandpa wants to eat your cupcakes. Incest ftw

jkmoss 0

Yea that sucks

I'm sorry but for some reason that was really funny. I think because I'm sort of manic atm. < maniacal laughter > no, really.

Snitches get stitches...

:D The Amity Affliction, I love them

Snitches live in ditches

Yeah, 'ol grandpa is coming to get ya with his cane.

fr33m3xican 0

it can be worse your grandpa could frame you for other things I'm sure :P

nick347b 6

Take your moms secret stash of chocolate and throw the wrappers on his bed.

This depends if ops mom is fat or skinny

Why, don't skinny people eat chocolate?

Old geezer's still got it.

a month isn't too bad, prom isn't until may/June if that's a concern.

Iknoweverything 29

Because prom is basically the only thing that people look forward to? Gee, I guess I month isn't too bad, since OP probably doesn't have other plans, like hanging out with friends, going to non-prom parties, and doing what they wanted to do. But as long as prom isn't until June, who cares!

That's cuz u have no friends

Even later later, they blame you for grandpa's constipation.

Just goes to show that growing up is optional.

jonnied23 20

And that's plus one for grandma

How come? Did granddad undergo sex change? Din think so

jonnied23 20

Oh, I didn't read it right, thought it said grandma. Fail on my part

D'oh! Those scheming old evil geniuses