By romancocks - 09/05/2014 20:31 - United States - Palatka

Today, some girl in the street mistook me for Richard Simmons. FML
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Wow... Let's hope she's terrible with faces!

My question is.... How many FMLs are we going to get with people looking like Richard Simmons? This is the 4th or 5th one in the past six months. Either Richard Simmons had a lot of babies when no one was looking or he's being cloned.

I was wondering if OP was male or female...I assumed male. But I guess it doesn't matter what gender. It's shitty either way to be compared to him. Although I do think he IS quite fabulous!

Demig0d6 14

I know I'm in shape.. Are you?

"Im in shape... circle is a shape" - a wise man

mariab2898 13

You should have pretended to be him!

If you are as fit as him at least it's not half bad. However, I don't think there is much of a market for a Richard Simmons look-alike.

The young version or the older one?

Nope. He looks like Bob Ross. How the girl mistook him for Richard Simmons was a misunderstanding.

WD_Stevens 22

Actually, I think you'll find it was a happy accident ;)

You made me google who he is.. (Forgive me.. I'm not American.... Or Canadian)

Yet your profile says you're from canada? Or am I missing a joke...

cryssycakesx3 22

just because she lives in Canada, doesn't make her Canadian or even *from* Canada.

Yes it does. For example, living in the US and becoming a citizen makes you American.

No, #50, it doesn't. You can live as an immigrant/refugee/resident of Canada/US without being Canadian or American. I live in Canada and I'm not yet a citizen, hence, I'm not Canadian.

To be fair, he did say become a citizen.