By Anonymous - 15/10/2010 23:44 - United States

Today, I was told I look like Susan Boyle. FML
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so does that mean that in 60 years you'll be a singing sensation for 15 minutes?


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isn't there another susan Boyle???

OP, u shud be proud if that #1 - u r sexy

I guess that's the new way to say you're ugly and will never get laid...

emmanizzer 6

yeah she got a total makeover and is actually pretty now. well at least much prettier than before

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"When I said 'I'd hit that...' I meant with my car."

lol 51. that's a pretty good way to tell someone they r ugly

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aha, wow, that's not good (x

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uhhh #1 isn't pretty.....she's super hawt.

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It took ginormously large fingers 5 minutes until I finally was able to tap on this FML on my iPod touch. Oh and yeah I agree with you #2

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Bahahahaha! I have tiny fingers, but it took me a few tries to actually get into the FML. And then I favorited it! :D

so does that mean that in 60 years you'll be a singing sensation for 15 minutes?

15 mins? she sucks but got platinum and is now a multi-millionaire! and that's due to the US!

"15 minutes" she's one of the most successful artists from the UK.

One of the most successful UK artists!? **** off!! she's just like 90% of every Xfactor ‘sensation' - over hyped dog shit!

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True, 15 minutes is a bit short, but where is she now? In the highlands, masturbating and getting fat.

Guys, "15 minutes of fame" is an expression

Maybe they think susan boyle is super pretty! Lol jk.


Am I the only one who does not have a clue of who Susan Boyle is?

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No, but I think Google can answer your burning question.

she's the fat lady that was on some talent show she is a really good singer thouhg

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Americans can be thick sometimes. She was one of your 'big' stars last year, she was on oprah and all that crap. She also had a few hit records over the pond aswell.

oh dear, if I was your girlfriend, I would never touch your chest again ever

Susan Boyle is a singer from britain on the britain's got talent show last year i don't remember if she won though :/

She's a sensational singer, but "sorta" ugly. But come on, looks aren't every thing right?