By Anonymous - 12/9/2021 11:00

Hang in there

Today, and since being diagnosed with bowel cancer, I realised I’ve been unintentionally limiting the places I go to, like shops and restaurants, based solely on the quality of their toilet paper. Not really complaining, I just thought it was kinda funny. FML
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By  Brightside86  |  27

Low quality toilet paper baffles me. I mean triple ply is only like $0.75 roll. Even if single ply is literally free, isn't it worth like $.05 per customer to not have the lowest grade experience possible?

It's the most ridiculous place to try and cut corners.

  WadStakk  |  1

Oh Pencil you’re so accurate! So I have to agree with you on this one as much as I understand what she meant… I will continue loving you no matter what either way

By  raven_of_azarath  |  34

The quality of toilet paper is exactly why I don’t use the restroom at work unless I absolutely have to. With how many brands are now adding like lotions and stuff to their paper and the fact that I have an allergy to some kind of ingredient found in stuff like that, I get rashes if I use anything other than like 2 brands.