By Anais Strongrump III Jr. - United States - Garland
Today, my parents decided to get with the times. So far, they've made me get Snapchat and Instagram accounts, and made me add them on Facebook. They keep acting like annoying teenagers, and get mad at me when I don't play along. For the love of god, somebody save me. FML
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  shaww  |  28

Exactly. 16 and still "too young" to make any social media accounts.

Even though I'm just not into them so I don't care too much


My mother made me make her a facebook account. She still doesn't quite grasp the concept of "fake" profiles or that being a group admin is not a real job. I feel you OP.

By  lifeisadance1  |  10

This is exactly what my parents would do. I feel for you, OP! Just keep going and look away embarrassed when it comes up in conversation. Or, you know, talk to them about how uncomfortable it makes you.

By  jsp16  |  24

Tell them Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are the leading causes f virus' nowadays to make them stop using them. If that don't work, fuck you life sideways.