By city_girl - / Thursday 4 February 2010 06:34 / United States
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@5: You're telling me that if someone can't speak English they also can't use body language? or even broken English? You're statement is invalid, and you should apologize to the community for being so stupid and ignorant.

  LMA0  |  5

It's not at all 'lovely' how this poor, innocent woman was 'rear ended' by a foreign man in the middle of the night while in the scariest part of town. Sicko. ;) OP you're lucky you can't get pregnant from getting rear ended. ;)

Just kidding. :p FYL, I hope you're car is fine!

  jisaac09  |  25

Please excuse my ignorance, but how do you say insurance company in body language???

And OP, should have called the law, its his insurance (if he has any) that should have to pay for the damage and you need a police report to do so.

  jisaac09  |  25

Freeze im tired of telling you...... IM NOT INTO YOU..... shit, i thought i made that clear in the messages, leave me alone, stop harassing me, im not gonna send you pics, leave me alone fag.... Im not gay, im not into guys and im not into you.

  fudrick  |  0

The man not speaking English in this FML is actually part of the FML. I'm sure trying to sort out an accident with someone who is hitting on you but unable to functionally communicate with you is pretty tough.

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