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Today, I stopped at a yellow light. The guy behind me did not. He had no insurance. FML
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so what's the problem? he's the one that's in deep shit, at least in my country you can go to jail for that, so you can ask him for cash, a lot of it.


yay for redsox, and OP wouldnt it be their fml not yours? or did i miss read it?

It's illegal to drive without insurance, so isn't he screwed not you?

Since he doesn't have insurance, it won't pay for your damages but your insurance will.

It took me 30 minutes to try to click on this fml. fafp.

Yeah well then couldn't ya sue? imma sue anti flood for hindering my freedom of speech.

911- But wouldn't the other driver have to pay then?

YDI for stopping at a yellow light. Just kidding. But your insurance has to cover it, I think, if the other person doesn't have insurance?

Yeah duddnt yeller lights mean yield not stop? but either way it's not really ops fault.

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how is that an fyl, it's him who doesnt have insurance

Sean- Yellow means stop if you can but if not speed up so you can get through before the red. Or at least that's what my dad taught me :p

YDI, totally your fault only nubs slow down for yellow. Burn rubber all along the block and don't stop.

who monitered this? it isn't a fml it's a fhl

I figured it was something like that. anyways I guess I will learn eventually.

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red light cameras are getting used more which means yellow lights are being made shorter to get more revenue. now you have to try to stop at yellow or it's $50

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I would of got out and broke his windows plus ydi for suddenly stoping at the yellow light , I'm sure you could have made it if the person behind thought they were gonna make it ad well.

You idiots are all wrong, BTW... Green means "proceed when safe to do so" Yellow means "if youare in the intersection, get out of it, and if you are not yet in the intersection, stop" Red means "stop" Lol, congrats OP for knowing proper driving, and FYL

yeah but even if her insurance pays she will still have co pay

yellow isn't yeild it's a caution, and that you should stop if you can do so safely... if I remember that correctly.

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YDI for for stopping at a yellow and not going the American way and flooring it through the intercection.

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I would say it might be the op's fault, depending on how quickly they stopped, especially when it's a yellow light. yellow lights mean slow down, not stop, and not speed up

no insurance on the at fault means good luck getting your car fixed.

not always in Oregon. Portland police will ticket you for going through a yellow light especially if it turns red before you get through the intersection. driver behind probably was tailgating op.

no if you want to change the light flick that one thingy really fast and it will read that as the same things the firetrucks use and stuff. but it's illegal lol so uh don't get caught :) lol "flick that on thingy really fast" x) I'm so immature.

NO NO NO, get a strobe light and you have to set it to the same speed as the fire trucks and put it on top of the car u will get arrested for this cuz it's a felony I think

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136- it shouldn't matter how fast the op stopped if the guy behind him was following a safe distance behind and not tailgating him the guy would have had time to stop. also if he was paying attention to the road and signals he would have noticed at almost the same time as the op that the light had changed. or if the other guy had left an "out" he could have switched lanes quickly to avoid an accident.

wth happend to my comment?? I was saying " no 4

grrr screw this! it doesn't wanna post my whole comment nvm >.< FML

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um first off, 41 damn you are cute, just sayin, and i don't know jack squat about insurance so ill just say hey. wats up fellow floridian?

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Jimmy, running a yellow light & getting rear-ended are not arrestable offenses. you can be arrested if you have a warrant, say, and you were pulled over for running a light. but not for minor traffic offenses. usually you are issued what's called a "ticket."

can you be perverted somewhere else? every time you comment you only talk to young girls and it's creepy.

its also illegal to be living in the usa illegally but that hasnt stopped 40 million people.

Let me get this straight he's supposed to slow down? why so he can slowly run a red light?! really?!?! what you say makes no sense just think about what you say before you open your mouths. FFS

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hopefully your inssurance costs don't go up because of this. unless you can get him to pay the bill go through the courts but don't charge him! because if you don't charge him than your inssurance won't have to pay, he can just pay the bill on it. but yeah if you charge him than yeah. but I remember this happening to me once you just gotta pay it in the time period they give you. so do that op. sorry I'm rambling. I am half asleep.

You'd be suprised. For some reason, alot of morons stop at yellow.

160, if you don't understand the fml, don't post you dumb creeper.

Here it's $100 and the cameras are bs

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no op doesnt understand this guy has to pay outta his pocket

lol, I knew it was a woman before I even clicked on it ^_^ stereotypes are funny and save time

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178 i don't see you commenting with anything useful to say

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doesn't he then have to pay out of HIS money?

actually if you get rear ended, its their fault no matter what. BECAUSE the rule is you should be far enough away from a car to be able to suddenly stop safely. tailgating is a ticketable offense for this exact reason.

goog luck collecting from someone with a stolen identity.

Florida is a no-fault state. meaning it doesn't matter who hits who

So, 169. Since he doesn't have insurance he automatically has a stolen or has stolen an identity? You're smart, bro. (sarcasm)

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You deserve it for stopping at a yellow light... You yeild.

Yield? FFS this is going to trigger more female driver jokes. Please don't drive. You're bringing the rest of us down.

I think some people may be confusing a flashing yellow-- one that does not ever turn red or green-- with a three-color intersection signal. At the first you do indeed yield or slow down, depending on the situation.

Well you kinda deserve it. Yellow means "slow down", not "stop". It sucks that he's uninsured though.

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yellow light doesn't mean slow down lol, it means you should stop if you can, the yellow light is there in case you're too close and you have too much speed to stop, so it gives you a brief time to pass safely in that case, but if you CAN stop, you HAVE to stop. People that see the yellow light and see it as the last chance to pass and accelerate instead of break are actually breaking the law.

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Plus even if he stopped when he shouldn't have, he still in no way deserves it, whenever someone rear-ends a car it's always HIS fault, it was his responsability to keep a safe distance from the car in front of him. I really hope that they didn't give you a license.

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Liscence smicence* My aunt fell asleep the wheel a couple months back and I was in the passenger seat. Who doesn't own a liscence?

haha, i only pass through yellow lights if i'm going too fast to stop. but you should stop if you can! i agree :] |the kid|

Oh, well thanks for bringing that up. It just so happens that I have epilepsy, and last month I had a really bad seizure, and I had to go to the hospital so I wouldn't die. As a result, I can't drive until October, because I now have to wait 6 months. Thanks for reminding me of that though. You wanna make fun of my seizures and anxiety disorder while you're at it?

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List any other medical conditions you may have had in the past year Darkmis and I'll see what I can do. ^_*

Well I'm not really in the mood to flirt or any of that shit. I'm really depressed right now.

haha #74 ur not gonna get arrested for running a stoplight hahaa

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OMG. 7 your pictures like creepy. I'm not saying your ugly I'm saying the colors are creepy. Like scary movie creepy. it reminds me of that movie "May"

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Your comment had it's fair amount of replies at the end of it.. Does that not count for nothing woman?

84: I just messed around with it. I've gotten a lot of comments about it from a lot of people. Some really like it, and some think I was trying to look like the mona lisa, which I wasn't. 85: Yes, it's nice to have a good amount of comments, but 2 of them were writen by a bitch, who insulted me, and reminded me of a lot of shit. My life's already ****** up enough.

Sorry to hear that darkmis. Medical issues blow, especially when they keep you at home. Been there-- that's why I'm on here so much lately :( Your posts have seemed kinda down lately. Pay no attention to the anonymous insults; it's the Internet. People overreact. I doubt she'd have said that if she knew.

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what he said. lol do people really think yellow means slow down? lord help us all.

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i think #7s picture looks like mona lisa

Wow, "darkmis". Attention ***** much? Someone on FML saying they hope you don't drive based on your apparent ignorance of the rules of the road is OBVIOUSLY a jab at your epilepsy. And are you seriously complaining about being kept off the road for your own safety, as well as the safety of those around you? 6 months isn't a particularly long time. Thanks for sharing, though, crying in public just makes you ever so myserious and fascinating.

Wow 194-I bet you're a total badass, aren't you? I'd LOVE to see you try and say that to my face though. I seriously doubt you'd have the guts. Stop trolling around and grow the **** up! And thanks 162, and 133 :-)

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Darkmis, how is criticizing you for not knowing what a yellow light means a jab to your epilepsy? HOW THE F*CK could I even know that you suffer of some medical conditions, and even if I would've known, it still doesn't mean crap, you CAN know driving regulations, epilepsy doesn't prevent you for having the common sense to know what a yellow light is, nor does it prevent you to learn something about driving. And I wasn't even making fun, I was genuinely upset of the fact that so many people have no idea what a yellow light means, it just so happened that I replied to you and not someone else saying the same stupid thing.

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attention everyone. gay alert

OHMYGAWD, not gay people!! They are an abomination to humanity!!! Too heavy on the sarcasm? Sorry.

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You mean Thorry. Forgot the lisp.

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so what's the problem? he's the one that's in deep shit, at least in my country you can go to jail for that, so you can ask him for cash, a lot of it.

If he doesn't have insurance, that most likely means he doesn't have a lot of money, so taking him to court would be pointless. You can't take blood from a stone.

and that my friends, is why America blows lol fyl for being American

You can still sue him for what he does have to get the car fixed, maybe he will be more careful next time

people in Florida also don't know how to drive

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#12; actually most who live in Florida do, it's mostly the tourists or snowbirds that don't

Sweetie, let me tell you what your mum should have: you're too pretty to be trying that hard for attention.

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did your picture just change? I could of sworn your shirt was yellow.