By Anonymous - 27/05/2013 23:34 - United States - Brimfield

Today, I got to wash my ex-wife's dishes at her apartment while her new boyfriend played with my daughter in the living room. FML
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Yea its about that time to put your foot down. That's your kid

And you where there because?


Yea its about that time to put your foot down. That's your kid

rahulcool7 14

I wonder why OP was even helping her, it seems that this boyfriend was capable of cleaning.

I feel like a back story is definitely needed here.

ima just say ydi for allowing it but as someone said there has to be more to the story

Show your other side, be the man

And you where there because?

crazytwinsmom 25

Probably to visit his daughter.

I doubt he'd do the dishes if he was just visiting his daughter

OP needs to hand over his "man card".

Jessj958 19

If OP was there to his visit his daughter, he should have been doing just that not washing dishes. He should have walked into the living room and told the new boyfriend to get in there so he could enjoy time with his daughter.

groovycrazyjoe 18

can OP please explain how he ended up washing dishes

He should find somewhere else than his ex-wife's apartment for his visitations with his child

hhhmmmm...maybe to see his daughter 🤔

Well that sucks. Hopefully you guys get along well enough so that it wasn't too awkward.

ehm, I think you are a wonderful person for doing that right there but grow some balls maybe?

Sillydeadperson 17

What the hell do you mean by 'grow some balls'? I don't see anything cowardly about OP's actions here.

Sillydeadperson 17

Should've edited this while I could. I guess I see what the 'grow a pair' point is, but I don't see the reason to tell him a thousand times. We don't know the whole story, and we can only hope he comments on this to shed some extra light on the situation.

"Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but he's being a douchebag, so grow balls maybe."

lmaouloser 5

This sounds like you are being ruthlessly taken advantage of. Tell the ex-wife to wash her own dishes, and you take that time to spend with your daughter.

Why the hell can't she or her boyfriend do it?

Apparently, your wife still has your balls locked away in her purse.

XxXCrissyXxX 12

Stand up yourself man! Are you their maid?

OP, stop acting like a poor victim and go throw the dishes at your ex-wife face then transform into a mad super saiyan

Wow... That's like say WOOO LETS GO TO JAIL!

lmaouloser 5

Coming from the girl with the profile pic that says, "JAILBAIT"