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Today, I saw one one of my cat's hairs on my sweatpants and wanted to remove it. It wasn't a cat hair, but a pubic hair that has found its way through my panties and sweatpants while being still attached to me. FML
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OP here, hi. I REALLY can’t believe this got posted. Out of all the times I tried, this FML had to be my first that got published. I would’ve preferred some others, but that’s what you get for trying I guess. I bet you’re all wondering about my age, I’m 19. Being completely curious about the background of most FMLs, I promised myself I’d do a follow-up no matter what, so here it is. It seems my post has divided the community. I trim! Thanks to everyone jumping to my defense saying that unshaven/untrimed hair isn’t strong enough to pierce through clothing. It has grown a little longer in the last couple of weeks since I’m currently at home for the semester break and left my trimmer in my apartment at the university (I have a seperate razor for my armpits). But its still in a normal range even if I say so myself. To the event itself: I haven’t been feeling well the last few days and had been wearing the sweatpants, that are a little on the flimsy side, for a little over 24 hours. I was with my family but they didn’t pay attention to me. In our house everywhere is cat hair, so its not a notable thing to pick a few of the cats hairs of your clothing. Imagine my surprise when I tried removing that particular hair and I felt a tuck. It didn’t hurt, like some might think, cause I don’t rip cat hair from my clothing. I got up, washed my hands and moved my sweatpants around so it was tucked back in. Not a permanent solution, I know, but I do plan on taking care of it this week. I hope you all understand that I mean I will trim this week. To all those people saying „EWWW, OP YOU HAVE TO SHAVE“: I’m not here to please you and I can do whatever I want with my body as long as it doesn’t affect others and believe me, this sure as hell doesn’t affect you, so please hold back your unwanted advice. On the hygienic viewpoint: I have never read this much about vaginal care at once, and that on FML. While you can do whatever you feel right about, don’t lecture me on what you THINK is best. I like lifestyle advice best with facts that have been scientifically proven. Ratings in the **** industry don’t count. The pro bush front almost has me convinced to let it sprout, because it appears to have a lot of (hygienic) advantages, but I think I strike the happy medium and keep with neat trimming. I would ask my boyfriend on his preference, but I’m single (always have been and fear that I always will be, but I think that‘s another FML altogether). I hope I answered most of your questions. I’m purposly not answering all of them, but if you ask nicely and respectfully maybe I will. Thanks again to those who defended me and didn’t assume I was a unhygienic, disgusting bitch, just because I let my pubic hair grow a little. You’re the best and I really feel accepted here and much better about the FML. Without you, there probably wouldn’t be a follow-up. Also some comments really made me laugh out loud, keep up the good work!

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It's spring, time to prune the bushes back

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the winter rug? just tuck it back in


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That sucks. Try shaving?:( I hope no one saw it

Shave + trim. Make the shape of a heart

So regardless how you look at it the hair was still a pussy hair either way. Right??

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i_needa_username 17

Women can do whatever we want we don't live to impress men.

Whereas both men and women can do as they please, I think men and women should at least trim for hygiene reasons.

If they were just long hairs then this wouldn't happen. It only happens if the hairs have been cut and so are short and rigid. Long hair doesn't have the strength to pierce panties!

RedPillSucks 31

"dont have the strength to pierce panties" Sounds like the story of my life.

JuliaaNoelle 26

She could have really really course pubic hair. Therefore it might be able to go through. And she could've been wearing thin/lace panties and thin sweatpants. But I assume the hair was fairly long for a pubic hair, considering she thought it was her cat's.

capricornsssss 15

where does it say its a girl for all we know it could be a boy!

JuliaaNoelle 26

#71 it says OP is a woman..

I don't know, some guys are into that.

There are other reasons not to have long pubic hair besides impressing men, you know.

actually, per our genetics, most of us do at the very least try to impress the opposite sex. maybe not ''live for it'' but it's still part of almost everyone's lives at some point.

said who? you should of seen back in the days when shavers weren't made mate

Actually, the biological goal of a woman is to impress men so that they can find a mating partner. i hope you know that. of course you are free to do whatever you want, but shaving greatens the chance of having better sex.

#2 just shush before you make us all a little dumber.

That situation got a bit hairy didn't it?

Lasagnaa 24

I guess you were still right about finding a cat hair

This is why I shave, even a little bit of stubble finds its way through underwear.

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OP gave us an equal amount of information, if not more. And every woman who shaves knows this already.

cryssycakesx3 22

so if that's the reason you shave, and it still pokes through, wouldn't that negate the purpose?

RedPillSucks 31

the winter rug? just tuck it back in

i seriously cant like this enough. hilarious!

That's gotta be one long ass hair. Shave, wax or maybe just trim? You must get sweaty especially seeing as hot weather's coming up

Again, if it was just a long hair then this wouldn't happen. Or do you think the hair went AROUND the panties and sweatpants? Because I'm pretty sure that's impossible. Maybe OP can clarify..

Funny how you can essentially post the same thing twice and one post gets 80 thumbs up while the other gets 20 thumbs down. Apologies for forgetting that everything needs to be very simply spelled out for benefit of the less thoughtful/more angry fml commenters. In any case, we DID get a clarification post from OP, no. 134.

It's spring, time to prune the bushes back

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She should definitely not have to do anything to her own body to please those around her.

Unless she works with food.... In which case that's a health and safety matter lol

Jesus Christ long hair can't penetrate through clothing they are far too weak, anyone with hair knows this; short stubble is rigid and can poke through. Besides who cares, it's only hair it's not like it's a deadly virus get over yourself ? absolutely no different between pubes and the hair on your head

I find it interesting that people are so disgusted by women having pubic hair. It's not unhygienic to have pubic hair. It can still be washed just like the hair on your head. I agree with 75, it's like people think it's some sort of deadly virus. Makes me laugh.

Magilla11 6

Actually studies show that it's healthier to grow pubic hair verse shaving.. Either way it's up to whoever's pubic region is in question, not everyone else..

If she cooks naked than yeah it can be a health issue if she wears pants or anything as a bottom and isn't plucking pubes then there's no worry.

It's only a health and safety matter for people dining at the Y, and I'm pretty sure that if it was an issue for them, they would have discussed it.

I'd say it might be time for a trim, but as long as your comfortable with yourself, your golden