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Today, my girlfriend updated her Facebook status when I was with her. No, let me correct myself. Today, my girlfriend updated her Facebook status when I was in her. FML
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you're doing something wrong if she's uh bored.


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YDI for having sex with your daughter

YDI for eating salmon for lunch on the last thursday when it was raining in Michigan and having not let your dog outside in the past hour.

Well you have to have SOME way to defeat boring sex right?

In fact, it sounds pretty awesome to me...I would probably brag about this rather than be upset. You sound like a puss complaining about something that is, frankly, the opposite of an FML.

Hey, how come everyone's ignoring the trolls? If you don't laugh/yell at them, they won't have any incentive to keep giving us their cheesy comments :(

In what way is my comment a troll...if you read between the lines here this kid is obviously under 20 years old, started to go at it while they were already using a computer and she thought it would be fun to brag about doing something while she was being entertained. So it sounds as if the kid got a spontaneous lay and failed to realize her forethought of humorous intention. They weren't "making love" or trying to procreate, they were straight fu*kin' for fun. The kid needs to grow a pair, sack up and realize that sometimes sh*t like that is a sweet story for the guys. She's definitely telling her friends about it. Unless her update read, "This kid's d*ck is small as hell," enjoy her playfulness and be grateful you have someone who understands that sex isn't always romantic. Which, down the road means you'll get off way more than not.

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You don't have to be at a computer to update your Facebook, homie.

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Everyone is not a troll, you idiots. I'm tired of stupid 12-year-olds calling everyone who doesn't ********** to the Jonas Brothers a troll.

Status Update: Me and my boyfriend are having sex right now.

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haha I agree. I updated my status when I was with my bf an hour ago. he actually updated it for me

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oh shit I didn't see the in her part my bad

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I remember when I had my first beer.

hate fb addicts my beatfriend goes on and off every 10 mins :/

where the the hell does it say daughyer?

oh wow, maybe she wanted to post about how good of a time she was having? hahaha idk

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A lot of these from Cali lately. But maybe you deserve it maybe you don't. Depends on what you were doing at the time.

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Did it say: "Soooo bored.. My boyfriend is still inside of me... WTF he needs to leave!"

well work on entertaining her better while having sex, youre probably not very good

My boyfriend and I have a deal. When clothes are off the social networking is off too.

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lol isn't it sad that people have come to that?

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I have to agree. My girl and i had only one exception to that rule. But that was beause she needed a break.

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That's the lie she told you, huh?

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@#9 that would be a gr8 tip 4 the OP. The problem with that is though hes prolly so bad she would just stop having sex with him all together

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What an amazing rule, i agree.

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I feel like this should be common sense..