By Anonymous - / Sunday 16 August 2009 18:53 / United States
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  puddin989  |  0

In fact, it sounds pretty awesome to me...I would probably brag about this rather than be upset. You sound like a puss complaining about something that is, frankly, the opposite of an FML.

  puddin989  |  0

In what way is my comment a troll...if you read between the lines here this kid is obviously under 20 years old, started to go at it while they were already using a computer and she thought it would be fun to brag about doing something while she was being entertained. So it sounds as if the kid got a spontaneous lay and failed to realize her forethought of humorous intention. They weren't "making love" or trying to procreate, they were straight fu*kin' for fun. The kid needs to grow a pair, sack up and realize that sometimes sh*t like that is a sweet story for the guys. She's definitely telling her friends about it. Unless her update read, "This kid's d*ck is small as hell," enjoy her playfulness and be grateful you have someone who understands that sex isn't always romantic. Which, down the road means you'll get off way more than not.

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