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Today, I was sitting on the bus next to a hot guy who was texting. I sneaked a peek at his phone to see if he was texting a girl so I could know if he was single. As I looked at his screen, he turned it towards me and typed in caps "STOP BEING A CREEPER." He got out of his seat and off the bus. FML
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It's what you get for snooping. EDIT: What's more annoying: someone going "First!" or someone yelling out whatever number they got?

You're pathetic. Next time a simple "HI" will do!


It's what you get for snooping. EDIT: What's more annoying: someone going "First!" or someone yelling out whatever number they got?

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definitely the one who goes FIRST! but more people are shouting random numbers in reply to the one who goes FIRST and that's starting to get annoying

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They're all pretty irritating. But I find it MUCH more irritating when there's a huge list of people commenting on how stupid it is to say 'first', because they're all mad that someone made such and unrelated post, but every one of their's is completely unrelated as well.

Yes, definitely FYL for hearing the truth. #21!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't find either of them irritating, I agree with #17 in the fact that the people who go "omg gtfo loser no one cares" etc are the ones who are irritating. I mean who gives a ****? It's just a post on the internet. If you really get uptight about someone going "First!" then you have serious, serious issues.

ydi for being a good for nothing creeper who cant live with herself unless she stalks every ******* person she ever sees god i hope all people like you go to hell and rot and burn for being ******* idiots in life and not knowing that creeping is wrong oh my god you are such a ******* asstard for creepign like that go die along with your family wow i would highly appreciate some constructive criticism on my troll post. thank you

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I agree with you #37. I don't get why so many people get mad over saying "first"... It's not a big deal at all. The people who keep getting mad at whoever says "first" does have issues. OP- YDI, spying on a stranger is completely creepy. Well, so is spying in general.

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ugh me too I hate it when people curse at and make a big fuss at whoever says "first" geez just let them have their fun stop PMSing, and #44 stop replying to the people on top JUST so everyone can see your comment. NOW THATS ANNOYING.

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eh. that doesn't really annoy me either 52. at least it's an on topic post. to each their own. and yes, i have been first and had people do it to me. it just doesn't bother me.

yea both are pretty bad, maybe the one yelling out whatever number they got, cuz at least being first is always respected elsewhere, except on FML, but if ur #69, who gives a fuckk? anyways OP deserved it, never try to look at what other ppl are texting, that's like eavesdropping.

97: Yelling "FIRST!!!!@@@@!!!!!!@@@@!!@#@!#!@#!@#!!!!" is rarely respected as it is downright annoying. Regardless, yelling some other random number just to troll is even worse, because not only are you an idiotic troll, you also are a wannabe first-poster.

@44; For one thing, you should consider using punctuation and capitalization. It makes it much easier to read your troll posts. Also, saying 'your family can die' isn't really much of a troll comment. Because you're making a declarative statement. Making a command or declarative suggestion (i.e.; "I hope your parents die!") is far more effective. Good luck! I hope this helps.

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When comment number 3 says "First!!!"

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Exactly, I have no more to say than what he told you... STOP BEING A CREEPER.

FAKE. straight men don't say "creeper"... duhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, you were spying on him, which is creepy. However, not really a **** my life situation.

agreed. this is more like fhl. "today i was sitting next to some chick who kept creepily staring over my shoulder, eventually i had to write out STOP BEING CREEPY!" and leave. fml."

You're pathetic. Next time a simple "HI" will do!

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Not very sly, are you? Way to go. YDI.

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Whoa. I do that because my dad looks over my shoulder when I text just because he knows it annoys me. I put "STOP LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER, DAD!"

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lmfao, i should start doing that :P

Hehe that's quite funny I have to say. Still, he kind of overreacted. People look at what I'm texting all the time. Then again I actually know those people. You should have just said hi. In fact, saying "Hi I think you're hot and I wanna **** you" would have worked better than what you did.

Yeah, but if some random stranger was reading and watching you text, I'm say that his reaction is more the justified.