By Anonymous - 05/08/2009 15:21 - United Kingdom

Today, I learned that a spontaneous romantic gesture of arriving home early with flowers and wine is not welcome when your wife is busy having sex with your brother. FML
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Nykaen 0

Dude... Leave her, she is worthless. And disown your brother... No man should ever do that to family.


^^ /understatement Finally a real FML. I am so sorry dude. I have no idea what you should do, other than the obvious killing of your brother and divorcing of the wifey.

Kiwi_Splash 0

Lost a love and a family member. Good luck with the heartache... Takes a quarter of a man to do what your brother did, and a complete ***** to do what your wife did. I hope you will soon acknowledge that they are never meant to be in your life.

yes, you should kill your brother. or have sex with his wife and daughter if he does have one

Still, flowers say "I Love You" and are always appreciated.


FINALLY THEY GET A GOOD FML. Dude that hella sucks. you should dump that bitch and ship her to some random ass deserted ****** island.

AndelleRae 9

Uhm... And daughter? Incest as revenge, not so much.

cuzitwasgood 3

U dumb shit. What the hell do you think incest is? My god, ur the person who thinks it's cool and normal to be screwing your cousin...

yes...blood relation...that's still incest you dumbass

persiancutie 0

im so sorry for having a brother as a bastard and a wife as a *****, divorce her leave her with nothing and beat the shit out of your bro and make his love life miserable, go after every women he goes out with

Antivirus_fml 0

Maybe for you, but not for everyone. douchbag!

dani_p 0

tha ****? that's such a ridiculous ******* statement.

sandiejenkins 0

Yes, he should have sex with his niece. Dumbass.

garuru 4

i hope u broke that wine bottle over his head

My brother would get his ass beat, wife divorced but only after and sending a video to my parents and hers so I ruined both their lives.

I like funny FMLs better than sad ones :(

I agree sad ones suck soo bad:( poor guy.. I hope he doesn't have any children:(

Scarlettx7 0

yeah, you dump your wife, right? that's what everyone does, right?

mochiko 0

beat the shit out of your brother. then kill ur wife. yay

that seems like the best option and preferably, do the beating with a baseball bat.

maybe she has an explanation... wait.. "maybe she tripped, fell and landed on his ****" lol

Simranbgg 4

That has a big chance of happening you know . Most stats of cheaters show that

Nykaen 0

Dude... Leave her, she is worthless. And disown your brother... No man should ever do that to family.

cucuto89 0

yea, what happened to the bro code?

preferably do so with a katana - the most honorable of weapons

Cheating and near-incest? Lovely. Your life is definitely ******...

How is this incest? His brother is her brother IN LAW.... No blood relation what so ever.

your reading comprehension sucks. she said near incest. because they're supposed to be family albeit through marriage.

skullbuster 0

So what's the deal here, did your brother inherit all the family jewels or is he just better in the sack?

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americayay 0

Aw. True FML for once. Bust the bottle over her head and stab him with the broken shards. Little dark, huh?