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  joanikens  |  18

Hey guys just a little back story I actually have 2 jobs, one in the morning, one in the evening. I just started the evening job and I had to buy some slip resistant shoes to work there, which took a big chunk of the money I was hoping would hold me over until I got paid for my original job.
The evening jobs is in Beverly Hills and everyone has to pay for parking. There's a waitlist for the employee parking so I have to pay for parking in some form each time I come in. It's taken the majority of my money this week because I haven't figured out the best areas yet but tips have been helping a lot. Some of my co workers have told me they received multiple tickets because of not being able to move their cars in time, not being able to find a spot, etc.

By  sousaphonist  |  14 have to pay for parking AT YOUR JOB? They don't provide parking for their employees? You're either missing out on one of your job's perks or they're doing something possibly-illegal. I'd look into that.

  Bearsmomma  |  30

OP posted a reply above with further info. There is a wait list for the employee parking lot, so paid parking is required until an opening is available.

By  imjanty  |  10

& why your employer doesn't have designated parking areas for employees?! definitely fyl for paying parking fees to go to work to be able to park your car.

By  jessicasoho  |  13

May not apply, but keep an old parking ticket or envelope of one, and put it under the wiper. I've never done it, but seen it in a movie and wondered if it works myself.