By jalapenos99 - United States
Today, I was playing in a basketball game and blocked this kid's shot. I was really pumped up about it until I realized the kid had cerebral palsy and the coach put him on the team because he really wanted to be on at least one team in his life. FML
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By  CatieBabey  |  0

your life isn't fucked, fuck the coach's life. if he didn't warn your team about his player's disability beforehand, how were you to know? putting a kid like that out in recreational sports without letting the opposing team know what's up is asking for the kid to get hurt.

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fyl indeed it wasn't your fault.same thing kinda happened to me I recently started at a new high school and I knew noone so this girl was sitting next to me and she was wearing sunglasses we got to talking and I told her to eat her carrots they're good for your vision. she turns towards me and say you do realise I'm blind right?? insert foot. fml.

By  Jimboom  |  11

I hope you did flying through the air with tongue out kinda block. Would have been a thrill for the kid to see some of that action.

But I kinda agree with #7. If the kid want's that real team feeling then you can't really wrap him in cotton wool. Sure, maybe don't go too hard on him (ie: tackle him if he has the ball), but getting your shots blocked is just one of the many things that makes a proper basketball game. Otherwise he might go around thinking he is the shit, challenge some guys on the street to a game and then get his ass kicked... then where would he be. Feeling a lot worse than if you just blocked his shot in the first place I can tell you that!

By  Slinky_fml  |  0

I agree with #2. What sucks almost more than not being allowed to play is everyone treating you like you're about to fall apart. Yeah, they might be able to make a shot, but I think they'd actually feel more like they're playing if they knew you were giving it your best. Unless the kid's really little. In which case he's not old enough to decide he prefers trying to winning, and yeah, then I'd feel bad.