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What is it with trashy parents not disciplining their kids?

What a little asshole. Maybe a stray soccer ball will hit him between the legs...


That comment sucked balls.

not op's cuz he lost his

One might even say they're both nuts.

That's a pretty BALLSY joke there, you could've offended OP

But couldn't have offended OP's children. They died.

You're the devil my nuts hurt also. :-(

Same. Let's all roll around on the floor again.

May my prayers be with ops unborn children

You might want to get that checked out. Testicular cancer is not joke. Don't want to end up like Tom Green or Lance Armstrong...

Now's the part where you return the favor.

also called going to jail for abusing a child

"Theres things you dont know about me, Jim. I'll fuck a kid up he punch me in the dick."

maybe he's referring to the mom

Hitting the mom in the nuts as pay back? Yeah, makes perfect sense.

llamaslikesoda 21

Now's the part where you learn about what could happen after kicking a kid in the dick.

dont know why my comment is here in the wrong place..

You could always say you were blinded by the pain as you stamped his head into the ground. The little shit needs a good beating, or someday he'll do it to the wrong person who'll kill him. So your defense is you were actually doing him a favor.

ignore my 103 comment again, i dont know why comments can be shuffled to the wrong spot randomly... oh

You deserve it for not wearing a cup then

On behalf of all men (or those with male genitalia), I apologize for this unsympathetic comment made by my fellow female, who may never understand the pain resulting from a kick/punch/projectile to the balls.

Yes because most men definitely wear cups while playing soccer. This isn't football.

Most people who play soccer don't wear cups, myself included.

And a cup wouldn't help to much with a full blown kick.

You dont wear cups in football either...

Not always, I assume. I don't know much about sports, but I've seen guys with cups in their football bags.

Hey don't apologize for me. If men are so worried about their junk getting hit, protect it. Plain and simple. OP deserves it no matter what y'all believe.

Point valid. He should hav worn a cup. Duckie wins

Then you deserve a kick to the vag. Plain and simple.

I ahead. I can take it. I'm stronger than all those sissy men

getting hit in the sensitive spots is obviously going to hurt, that doesn't mean the op is a sissy -_-

llamaslikesoda 21

You may be stronger than the "sissy" men #73, that being said, it doesn't necessarily mean you could take a shoe in your vag.

I'm i like the only one who wears a cup for soccer? Seems to be one of the few. Well I wear a cup for a lot of sports that involve moving projectiles.

oh duckie your so misguided... like they said you need a cunt punch or two, lol. or since your being insensitive to men, i hope you have your rag so intensly every day forever

since woman complain about it, i hope you get the worst cramps

Generations gone forever...

Let's just hope the deceased generation was belibers...

#135: No. Unfortunately, they were all ballers.

That's not how it works, but okay.

Just the way this was worded haha! Hope your uh.. soft spot gets better.

What is it with trashy parents not disciplining their kids?

I think you answered your own question when you said "trashy"

They are what they eat apparently

Hopefully the parent didn't use some cop out excuse like "boys will be boys" or something, that would make the kid feel even less guilty about what he did

Sorry OP, put some ice on it. Hopefully you feel better

ice on balls sounds good...

That does not help! Personal experience. The pain is not in the balls. The pain is located on the abdominal cavity. We just have to wait for the pain to subside. :(

How about a heating pad on your stomach? Would that work 63?

Ice is not only great for relieving pain but to prevent swelling. Or at least tone it down a little. So you can walk normally sooner.

What a little asshole. Maybe a stray soccer ball will hit him between the legs...

Or if you're lucky, in the face.

You deserve it bud. Wear a cup next time, lesson learned.

If there were a lesson to be taught, yeah... Oh, and since in your profile you say you like to correct grammar I will tell you it is actually "You deserve it, bud." Hope you feel the pain OP had felt soon!

Most guys don't wear a cup in soccer, I don't think.

Wearing a cup or not, I do not think he deserved a random child kicking him in the nuts.