By taylortotscx - 27/05/2012 17:15 - United States - Ocala

Today, I went to Busch Gardens. Trying to cool off, I got on a ride that soaked me to the bone. For the rest of the time I was there, my bra was visible through my clothes, along with the "Hell Yeah" printed on my underwear. FML
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Don't wear white clothes to a water park.

zingline89 18

Now everyone can see your Busch


Don't wear white clothes to a water park.

outstandtacular 11

Haha I feel like that should be obvious. Going to a water park? Wear something that ISN'T white..

Just because something is see-through when wet it doesn't necessarily mean it's white.

It's not a water park! And OP probably had on thin clothes to keep cool (or just because everything these days is as thin as paper).

There are quite a few water rides though, if I recall correctly. Some advance planning would've been good but sometimes you don't plan to get wet but it's just so damned hot. I'm torn here but I'm leaning towards YDI for hsving Hell Yeah written on your pants to begin with. Meh, FYL. Wrap a towel around your waist if you're really concerned. That place has seen worse.

xoconnie 8

Why didnt u think of this prior to going on the ride?! next time just pack a change of clothes

Hey I was there today. Didn't see you though

grime 4

I'm sure that's what all the creepy guys were saying when they saw you, and by creepy I mean most.

The point is, it most probably is white. How did you get so many thumbs up for this comment?

ThisIsMyReign 4

Hell yeah! By the way Busch Gardens isn't a water park it's mainly roller coasters.

Wicked361 8

I've been to Busch Gardens... Sadly enough I was to scared to ride the rides... So I had to just look at animals.

Hey, look on the bright side. Atleast you weren't a walking example of why it's called Bush Gardens.

ThisIsMyReign 4

Actually even of she wasn't shaved it wouldn't be and example. It's Busch with a C and it's named after Anaheizer (sp?) Busch. Which makes Budweiser and other drinks. So, in order to be a example of why it's named that you would have to be Mr. Busch.

Just says what everyone is thinking. Be happy ;p ...or be embarassed because it says hell yeah, your choice.

I wouldn't be saying hell yeah if she was incredibly obese, in fact I'd run away.

ferrousWheel 6

Well, it's kind of a rule in general that you shouldn't wear "Hell Yeah" clothes if the reaction from people is going to be "Hell no!" If the OP was that unattractive, I think this would be a very different FML.

I'm giving you a thumb up because I like your German Shepherd.

You could probably buy clothes there, they have stores all over :)

True true but that's better than having 'hell yea' shown through your pants


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Who said anything about OP wanting attention? She went on a ride and got wet. Does going on a ride at an amusement park automatically mean that you seek attention now? Wow I'm sorry, I was unaware of your new amusement park rules.

KingDingALing 9

STFUGTFO- I think you should STFU and GTFO.

34- I assume that he got the idea that she wanted attention because her underwear said "Hell Yeah" on them. Why would you wear underwear like that if you wanted nobody to look at it if they saw them at some point in time.

Mommyof2_91 10

Just because people have words on there underwear doesn't mean they seek attention... That's a weird assumption.

47- "Words" is rather vague. "Hell Yeah" is a lot different than "Yay". As I said, what could "Hell Yeah" possibly imply other than wanting to attract attention at some point in time.

CaramelMacchiato 13

48 - She could have just picked out a random piece of underwear. Maybe that was a pair of underwear she was saving for a special night, but it was the only pair she had that was clean and/or available? OP wrote an FML about this. I don't think she was looking for any kind of "special" attention.

Mommyof2_91 10

Well it's a bit close minded to think the only possible reason for her wearing underwear like that is to get attention. There could be multiple reasons, or no reason at all. For all you know they could have been on sale so she bought them and happend to grab them that day. The point is none of us know why she wore the underwear, and to assume it was only for attention is a bit rediculous.

You don't care what it says on the ass of a pair of underwear as long as it's on sale? Oh my... Anyways, while it's a bit presumptuous to consider OP attention-seeking in this situation it's not exactly a dirt-bag move to do so, and I found the initial comment a little over-the-top in their response.

Mommyof2_91 10

I never said I didn't care what's on my underwear dumbass, but maybe she doesn't care what's on them.

Mommyof2_91 10

I apologize for calling you a dumbass , I realize it was uncalled for.

tuzdee1022 0

I have alot of underware that says weird stuff on them Bc they were either on sale or my sister bought them for me Bc she's into that stuff and she knows I don't make much money...I think lots of girls would agree that they have at least one pair of weird phrased panties Bc either it was funny at the time to buy, on sale, or given as a gift

tandem123 6

I'm assuming 5 misread "trying to cool off" (like i did, first time I read it,) thinking it said "trying to be cool." Either way, STFUGTFO still seems like an asshole to me.

Admit it: about half the worlds population would have the same reaction.

zingline89 18

Now everyone can see your Busch

Just think of it as a reminder to call the gardener.

The phrase on your underwear is what most of the men were thinking when they saw you.

wlddog 14

She simply predicted the future. The proof is on the panty.