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Today, it was hot out, so I opted to stay cool and wear my bathing suit all day. My mom took it as me rubbing in the fact that I'm thinner than her and grounded me. FML
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you're mom is really concerned about her weight to think like that lol...


you're mom is really concerned about her weight to think like that lol...

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don't hate me because i'm beautiful

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the op that wears a size 16 must be your mom

in the case of being electrocuted, which happens to me quite often at my job as a dominatrix.. being grounded is much safer and a lot less painful.

#19 - I read how mean you were to the other OP, so shut up and stop fricken ruining posts ya douche.

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Try eating ice cream in front of her, maybe she'll be less offended.

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hey skinny bitch with no face leave 19 alone

I'm not allowed to eat ice cream in public anymore... :( Supposedly I'm too good at it... lol

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well, you got it from your momma.

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My dad grounded me when i was a kid when I did this. HE DIDN'T LIKE MY 2 PIECE!!! I cried for days. I didn't care however all the special boys were doing it at 10.

Thanks everyone for hating on me lol

Well I'm sorry I'm skinny, I said fricken cause I don't swear, and I didn't have to make him look bad, he did that himself a couple FML's ago. I'm just pissed at him from what a jerk he was being to one girl that was size 16.

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lol emo ass gets mad on FML learn to take a joke

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85.. no one likes u go away

Eat ice cream in front of her, maybe she'll be less offended.

There can only be 1 mother-**** in your family I suppose...

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like a good neighbor state farm is there with... air condition

I guess it's the time for... TINA THE TALKING TUMMY! Oh, don't forget Cellulite Sally, or back fat betty.

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dude where do you live it was only like 90 today

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I'll be right back gonna get you some help sweetie......oprah?!!!! doctor Phil?!!!!!!

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thank god for California weather haha

Who else thinks 1's comment was liked because it was more than an LOL, that sucks, sucks,wow,wow lol, haha, etc etc

24, you must mean shock, because if you get electrocuted, you're dead.

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Nobody cares about whether or not your a *****.

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I lol'd after I saw 26's comment and her info.


if op's mom is jealous then op must be in pretty good shape.

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Dodge challengers are ugly.

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I think it's pretty funny given how old she is, too....

not when you put a v10 under the hood

to he'll with 26.. you wouldn't happen to live in hot springs AR I love hot springs AR

thanks 124 I honestly wasn't trying to be a jerk or anything with that comment "aren't they all". it was supposed to be a lighthearted shrug, not a cocky, obnoxious comment

When the guy said this isn't a dating site, he meant your description. You put your hobbies, sport, and even your height in there. Why do you want people to know so much? Because you want to meet a guy on here, and we all know it.

Lol. That's a valid point but honestly I'm not that desperate. I also put my height cause it corresponds with my sport - Volleyball = must be tall. But thank you for trying to prove me wrong. I think I'd know if I wanted to meet a guy here, not you.

And if I was that desperate to get a guy, I'd go on a dating site not FML lol

And if I was that desperate to get a guy, I'd go on a dating site not FML lol

The volleyball height thing? Complete bullshit. I play volleyball on a team where this one kid is 4 foot 10" and he can jump higher than me. Nice try :D

alright lemme rephrase that. Volleyball = it's beneficial to be tall. Now will you leave me alone? You don't even know me so stop judging.

So are you 86, but we don't criticize you.

haha 4's dp goes so well with his comment!

Sounds like you need to talk to your mum and tell her to grow up.

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Because everyone has air conditioning, right? This was supposed to be in response to #7, sorry.

Tell your mom to grow up? Oh the irony.

ah yes, an ice bath is much more practical than wearing a swimsuit

I have a feeling that 6 is op's mother.

It's funny when people call others stupid and they don't even spell correctly.

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isn't there Air Conditioning. Or at least go some where with it. Oh wait, take a bath in ice cold water instead of wearing a bathing suit.

why can't she wear her bathing suit? its her mothers immaturity that's the issue here, not OP's attire.

lol clothes in the freezer works amazing:p

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noooo the girl needs to watch motherlover by lonely island it will tell her wat to do to her mom happy :D

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exactly what #55 said!! why can't she just wear he swim suit? her mom could be thinner if she'd get off her, apparently, fat ass and worked to be Skinner.

we actually don't know if OP is thin. Only that OP is thinner than her mom

her thin got her in trouble so she has decided to punish her thin by adding mcdonalds to her daily diet.

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16- that was excellent grammar nazi'ing

We actually don't know if OP is thin. Only that OP is thinner than her mom.

Let her think that. Maybe it'll rub off and make her do something about her own weight.

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For her birthday, you should get her a 12 month subscription to Weight Watchers.

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Thanks, you're pretty cute, too. :)

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and for her next birthday, renew it.

weight watchers doesn't work. go with Jenny Craig or Herbal Magic ..

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you are cute, just saying :)

91 if weight watchers doesn't work thats more of a reason to get her it:D

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she should be happy your not one of millions of Americans who are obese.

I agree. She should be happy that her daughter is not obese like many American teens are. Op basically got punished for her Mother's own insecurities.