By Scarlett - 16/02/2013 06:03 - Canada - Barrie

Today, while I was babysitting, the little girl wanted to show me a picture that her mom had just sent to the family iPad via iMessage. Trying to be helpful, I clicked iMessage, only to see pictures of her father's erect penis. She won't stop asking about the "hotdog" in the picture. FML
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Technically, you can't even be sure it's her father's penis...

The iGeneration.


The iGeneration.

Talkin' bout iGeeeneration!

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What kind of demented dachshund looks like an erect penis?

That would just bring the child's hopes up, even if Christmas is a long time away

It says birthday not Christmas anyway

I sir.... Are a genius < sarcasm

She would probably never get that job again because 1. They're probably going to assume she was snooping and 2. She said its a dog tricking the little girl and getting her hopes up. What kinda person does that?

Technically, you can't even be sure it's her father's penis...

maybe she has seen it before

All babysitters have seen the penis of the father who's kids she's watching. Don't you watch porn! That's day one shit...

It's true, babysitter gang bang was a true classic.

Haha, I can't believe that's getting thumbed down! I thought I struck gold with that one! Maybe we need more male voters..

Maybe it had name tag on.

15- Because all guys think every sex joke is hilarious.

@55, I was going more along the lines of male voters relating to the comment I made considering the circumstances of the FML. I think either sex could find the joke humorous!

well maybe it's just me, but my texts and messages are prefaced by a contact name. and I feel people tend to be aware of their employer's name. though I guess somebody could just slap any name on there to cover up shady business.

You don't know that.

for all we know, more than just his junk was in the photo.

this is quite true...

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What's a taco hotdog? Please explain to the class

It's pretty obvious IMO But on another note I'm surprised She didn't know wat it was considering their generation

Small child. Not a teenager. Also, chances are she's going to find out in the very near future.

I, too, am curious as to what a 'taco hotdog' is...

You deserve a raise

The raise is right under her nose..

42 = Why did that take me like five minutes to get that?

48- because you're slow

Thanks what she said.

67 - You're welcome.

When she gets older and remembers this, she'll be scarred forever.

Matters on the age, I barely remember anything before 5 years old.

Most people start remembering stuff when you are around 3 or 4 years old. But you could remember things from before that age, like a trauma or just something that really had your attention, good or bad.

Was it comparable to a kielbasa, or a cocktail stick sausage?

It was comparable to a hot dog, clearly.

There's those tiny hotdogs, normal ones, and smokies...

That couple is into some big stuff.

Maybe it's just me, but I dont consider a couple sexting a big deal.

On the "family" iPad, though... I don't think that's right. They should be more careful.

I think that sending your spouse racy texts and/or racy photos periodically can be a good and healthy thing to do. It helps to keep the passion alive and it reinforces their sexual attraction to one another. Although I do agree with 26 in that they really shouldn't be using their family iPad to send those kind of messages. But sometimes, if they both have an iPhone as well as the iPad, their iPhones and iPad are linked via wifi and so all of their texts, emails, and photos appear on both. But I think that there is a way to prevent that from happening, I'm just not sure as to how you can go about doing that.

My boyfriend sent me a pic of his penis and told me to come over and give him a blow by blow of my day so I sent a picture of my left hand and told him to put a ring on it

Are you sure it's a "family iPad" if those type of pictures are being sent? If it is then ... they're pretty liberal?

That goes beyond liberal.

One of the parents could have sent (or been sent) the picture message from another Apple device. iMessages and other downloads (apps, music, etc) can appear automatically on all devices signed in to the same Apple account if the correct settings are enabled. Whoever sent the message was likely not aware of this, or didn't remember the "family iPad" at the time.

just casually advert her attention elsewhere..if she's young enough to think it's a hotdog then it shouldn't be too hard to get her focused on something else...

Time to start up Angry Birds!