By anon - 31/01/2011 22:46 - United States

Today, my girlfriend finally got a Facebook account. Too bad she doesn't know the difference between a wall post and a message. She just described how much she enjoyed our sex last night, in great detail. My mom liked it. FML
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why're you complaining now everyone knows you're a great fuck

Just "liking" it leaves a lot of things in question. Like father, like son? She likes it like that too? She's glad you finally got laid? She's appreciative of your girlfriend's alliteration?


why're you complaining now everyone knows you're a great fuck

good ol Facebook, destroying relationships since 2004

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You do realize you can delete wall posts, right? YDI for sure.

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Obviously. God.

good ol Facebook, destroying relationships since 2004

He obviously didn't see it immediately after she posted it to his Wall.

Yeah, like, tots obvs, pffft.

BikeAllDay818 6

true that!!

exactly, more like " F*CK YES ", you probably have a great relationship with your mom too.. so be happy mofacka.

Hahaha...that's awesome!!

Facebook is truly idiot proof. Smart girl you got there lol

OP, how come you have your mom on your FB?

thats exactly what i was thinking!!

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I guess dogs think alike :D

ur boobs r hanging out of ur shame *sigh*

to ugly put a damn shirt on

Pop goes the weasel

...and other fun microwave games. Sorry, had to do it.

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At least you got great sex, OP.

I was replying to another comment that got deleted in case anyone's wondering wtf I'm going on about.

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oh how lovely!

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Looooooooool that's good thing all the hot girls now will know that ur great in bed :))

You can remove posts from your wall. Perhaps OP meant "status update," or perhaps it was just too late. Regardless, your girlfriend dropped the ball.

Your mom is awesome.

Maybe he was writing it about your mum?