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Today, I woke up and went into my living room, only to be greeted by my aunt, sister, and mother watching a very graphic video showing women giving birth. They forced me to stay and watch it until the end. It was almost 90 minutes. FML
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At least they prepared you for when your woman gives birth. That won't seem so bad then.

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Family movie night gone wrong!


Forced? I don't know how old you are but it shouldn't matter. You should have got up and left, it's not like they tied you to a chair and held you at gun point... Right? I don't see the fml in this

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You fail to realize the power of peer pressure.

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That's why you don't have sex. Because you WILL get pregnant and you WILL die. (Of mortification.)

At least they prepared you for when your woman gives birth. That won't seem so bad then.

Or they were preparing him to make sure he doesn't cause a woman to give birth.

C sections can look just as bad. It is classified as a surgery after all.

You can choose to have a C-section (an elective C-section) but from what I've heard, recovery is much longer and more painful than from natural childbirth. My aunt had an elective C-section with her first child, but had a natural birth with her second. She says that with her 2nd child, she was up and moving around within hours, but was bed bound for a week after her C-section. It may differ from woman to woman, though.

If a baby is breech, a c section is needed. Not exactly an emergency. And my second baby was delivered caesarean. I recovered a LOT faster than with my first who was born vaginally. It all depends on the woman and how well the birth went.

C-sections are very painful. I've had two. But at least I can say that I'm not all stretched out down under..

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76 - Not everyone's c-section recoveries are the same. I had one with my first baby, and was in excruciating pain afterward, even with the pain medication. And no, breech presentation does not make a cesarean necessary; breech (such as frank breech, or buttocks first) is a variation of normal and was once performed quite commonly, before insurance companies decided they didn't want to deal with the "risks" posed by them and they prohibited their covered physicians from performing them in many cases, leading to more and more c-sections done, despite definite risks from that procedure. 89 - I had a vaginal birth with my second, and my husband and I both agree that the sex is better now than it ever was before. That line about getting "stretched out down there" is so old.

It's a very natural and beautiful thing; everyone should be educated and watch it!

4- I agree with you, it is a natural and wonderful experience....or so I've been told, as both my boys were c-sections. Hoping the third one's the charm! :D I have watched a few videos, and I'm glad I did though, you can never have intel! ;)

*Never have Enough intel. :p Moron moment....

#4 its a natural and beautiful thing, yes. But not a beautiful sight..

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its a natural thing. beautiful it aint.

The graphic part is not beautiful at all!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It means something different to everyone. I can see how women view it as beautiful (the whole miracle of life thing). I asked for a mirror for the birth of my first child. I wish I hadn't. So yeah, seeing a baby come out of a ****** isn't what I'd call beautiful. But the miracle of bringing a child into this world is.

Oh, no, I would not want to watch myself giving birth as it happened. That's like watching the doctor stick the needle in your arm, but I bet it's a whole lot worse.

I'm a really curious person. And it is like watching a needle prick ya as in it is not pleasant to watch. I don't look when I get pricked so I had no idea what I was thinking asking for a mirror. Must have been the pain meds talking.

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Family movie night gone wrong!

Oh no ita gross, I've delivered a baby at my job and all I can say is :O lol

That's when "I have to meet up with so and so at this place. Like now." Comes in handy. Lol

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Then your family strikes the excuse down because you have no friends making it a double dose of FML.

..yah.. That's what would happen to me haha

I've watched videos of people volunteering to do that. It almost looks like torture.

At least they didn't make you watch a porno, OP.

With your aunt, sister and mother in the room? I would hope not. LoL & I was making a reference to another FML.

I had to watch that for Parenting and Human Sex Ed classes in high school. If you ever take those classes... you'll be one step ahead of everyone?

It's funny how you can get a parkantens class in the US. I understand the sex education but the parenting seem a little extreme!

The best way to stop teens from having babies.

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Did they hold you down or something?

So, do you still think that getting kicked in the balls is more painful?

13- Point for you, Princess. ;) However, if getting kicked in the nuts lasted for 2 or 3 days at the same initial intensity, we'd have a fairer comparison. ;P

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After some time a woman wants another child. A man never wants kicked in the balls again!

People still use that incredibly flawed argument, really?

#58 because a normal and healthy childbirth results in a new life. A kick in the balls results in just pain.

Kidney stones can be more painful and last longer. Believe it or not there are more painful things out there than child birth. I'd also say a kick to the balls is more painful if a ******** gets ruptured. Which is very possible.

#65 women can get kidney stones too. And I'm sure a ruptured nut doesn't feel well, but neither does a torn ******