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Today, I found out that I drunkenly texted my boss yesterday asking for nude pictures. He sent them. I'm afraid to go to work tomorrow. FML
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PaintTheStars 2

Well your gonna have to. Pretend like it never happened and if he mentions it act confused and say a friend pranked you.


sillybabee 3

haha exactly what I was thinking

Waffcakes 0

drunk words are sober thoughts. (:

Ask for a raise. You're in prime position for blackmail! On the bright side, this means your boss digs you, which can't be too bad :)

hey- you give him a raise, he gives you a raise

stephanie0613 0

wow . . thats umm funny :)) haha . idkk whetegher ots a fyl or ydi .

purple_zebras_ 0

omg I totally know what your talking about although it wasn't my boss it was this guy that's always creeping on me

Why does it matter if op or boss is a guy or girl?

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Wow, that's a bong? I thought you had a gigantic penis machine in your mouth. Haha

Lmao I Know Right ?! It Looks Soo Weird xD

PaintTheStars 2

Well your gonna have to. Pretend like it never happened and if he mentions it act confused and say a friend pranked you.

missmurderx 8

i like your picture.(: drop dead ftw<3

fatcow282 8

ya but then u make him look like a retard for the pics and he will most likely fire u

Jc39 0

Is your boss hot? I assume that's why you wanted them in the first place. Don't have much advice, if it was a real problem maybe consult a lawyer as to who is more "in the wrong". Since your boss is in a position of power, their actions are probably weighted more seriously. Anyways, that was stupid of you.

FYLDeep 25

Provided that they are both adults, the boss didn't do shit. She asked for pictures, he sent them. Maybe he is immoral and maybe she's a stupid *****, but that's common in the real world.

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Dont_Explain 3

he wasn't aware she was drunk, therefore it's not his problem either.

PurplePigeon 0

just because you're drunk doesn't mean you are unaware of what you're doing. unless you drink to obliteration and black out. I've been drunk on multiple occasions and NEVER asked my boss for naked pictures. stupid people doing stupid things blame it on alcohol.

pfft. I've been drunk and drove my car several times, and I NEVER killed anyone, or even caused an accident! clearly, people do stupid things and then blame it on the alcohol.

PurplePigeon 0

same thing I said just worded differently.

mick3yx123x 0

I hope you die you inbred puke. Just don't take anyone with you when you do.

Yeah, really. I know people who act stupid after 1 drink, as if that's enough to get them drunk. Studies have shown that people given placebo and told it's alcohol tend to get stupid faster than those who are given alcohol and told it's placebo. Physical inhibition is mostly from the alcohol; mental inhibition is mostly from the person using alcohol as an excuse.

I agree wit 17 there's somthing called a drunk dial for all the retards out thare.

you are ******! drink driving KILLS! are you ******* retarded!? think of the familys if you accidently killed someone! my dads bosses daughter went to the USA and went to a pub with her cousin, she got shitfaced and picked up a guy. they drove home and she thought it all went okay and her and the guy went upstairs. the next morning she found out that she had DECAPITIATED her cousin! cause she was puking out the window and she drove over the speed limit past a pole! her cousin is DEAD and she is in a MENTAL INSTITUTION! cause she was so destroyed! it takes one second to change your life FOREVER! I hope you don't ever get hurt, not because I care for you, AT ALL after your comment. but your family dosent deserve that.

I agree 5!! 'Ask and you shall receive.' I'd try to find a new job asap!!!

irish_drunk 0

I'm sorry but you did ask for them so ydi

ride it to the top, no pun intended : p

ROFL! That's too funny! YDI 100% for getting so drunk as to not remember!

ahaha. u asked do ydi. I wudnt be afraid. u coul get a promotion.

smashlee 0

lmfao that's too funny... u shud prolly not take ur fone wen u drink...

dillies 3

ya cause it wouldnt be important for calling a taxi or a ride or anything