By maryrain - 11/08/2011 09:35 - United States

Today, was the first day of my sophomore year. While receiving my schedule, I burst into tears at the sight of a disfigured midget. I'm now seen as the school bitch for making fun of a midget. I have a genuine fear of midgets. FML
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maryrain tells us more.

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I'm not saying that all midgets are disfigured. what I meant was that that particular person has an actual disfigured face. And yes, I do have a legitimate reason for my fear. I don't feel inclined to share that reason because then all of the people who already believe I was being an ass will still not agree with me. the last thing I wanted to do was hurt/insult her.

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Snowstar 0

Why the **** are you afraid of midgets?

A7X_LoVeee 10

13 - It's a strange fear but obviously there's a reason why she's scared of them. Also she probably can't control crying when she sees one. Think before posting another ignorant comment.


Snowstar 0

Why the **** are you afraid of midgets?

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I agree. Do you really need to burst into tears because you see a midget?? You an idiot

If I was the midget I would **** OP up. With a tiny gun.

A7X_LoVeee 10

13 - It's a strange fear but obviously there's a reason why she's scared of them. Also she probably can't control crying when she sees one. Think before posting another ignorant comment.

Its creepy when a midget walks up to you and says he likes the smell of your hair.

Ahahaha ^^

think of his emotional pain

Alysin 14

They're called little people!

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So do you watch jackass? With wee man?

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I hope that midget hops onto a couple of phonebooks and falcon punches u OP yeah u might be afraid of them but at least try to control it

-13 that's kinda rude to say if you think about it because there are people that have REALLY crazy phobias like even fearing the left side of your body. so don't be too quick to judge, since fearing midgets isn't all that weird...

Jvr91 8

Come on guys their only half a person don't feel to bad for them

chris71sk8r 8

65-They can't control it. It's a phobia. They didn't ask to be born with it. They just were.

Bud_fml 16

Doesn't mean the OP has to be an ignorant bitch and call them "midgets"

I could see if you were elderly and midgets freak you out, but otherwise, there is no rational reason to be afraid of them. They are normal people, just in fun size version!

13 I'm scared of the goldfish snack. I confessed my fear for them a while ago. Let's just say... they don't smile back at me.

KaitlynJohan 4

I have a fear of ladybugs so I kinda understand

132, there is no rational reason to be afraid of spiders or clowns, yet tons of people are afraid of them. tbh this is not a YDI beause OP didn't choose to be afraid of midgets

130, are you a midget? are you offended? I have down syndrome and people call me retarded but it doesn't offend me because that's just what I am

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I live in a place that has poisonous spiders among others so it's pretty natural to be afraid of them especially if one bite can kill you. With the humidity and high temperatures theirs a abundance of bugs so living in a house possibly full of them is not comforting at all.

it's like asking why are people afraid of heights, why are people afraid of clowns, why are people afraid of cats and why do people have phobias. I think people need to learn and read about phobias before making ignorant comments, there are really strange phobias out there that people just naturally grow a fear of, nothing really has to happen in their childhood. There was an episode that aired on the Maury show with people with severe phobias.... like a woman deathly afraid of chalk..... please get your facts before saying something stupid. To OP, FYL, and sorry it happened! There are people out there with really strange phobias, hopefully you can have someone explain to the midget why you reacted the way you did.

We're all humans.

The little person didn't ask to be born that way either, yet he/she is being treated like a monster.

Bud - where does it say that the OP called the midget a midget to his/her face?

edteach 0

no I guess not 71, feeling sry for the poor disfigured person or simply choosing not to embarrass them in public or insult their basic human dignity by controlling myself is terrible ,how pretentious of me!!.... deuche...

Ha just lol'd in my pants

jbabedd 15

There are definitely ways to avoid crying at the sight of something that scares you, even if there is a very good reason for the fear.

Hello Fellow FML'rs!

I think she's going to Live Oak High

Those shifty little ankle biters! Always walkin around on each others shoulders wearing a trench and pretty to be tall.... crafty bastards, who wouldnt be afraid?

mmorgan9218 5

"where's the rest of ya?"

K_kanaka 26

Fuck the midgets life man. OP must freakin hurt the dudes feelings

K_kanaka 26

Fuck the midgets life man. OP must freakin hurt the dudes feelings

But it's offensive to them, the OP could have tried to at least control herself/himself enough not to cry. I have a phobia of being too high about the ground, but I can stand on a roof without crying.

to the idiots claiming she deserves it or that she should control it... i seriously hope that some day you will be faced with your ultimate nightmare. and then have people punish you for being afraid unless you act trough it completly calm. it's an irational fear. there is no controling. you might as well ask her why people aren't learning to grow wings and fly.

I didn't intend to offend you. But you have to admit, we all have fears. Do you let all your fears get the best of you? What was the person doing to the OP? I bet you no one was coming at her/him with a knife, she/he could be scared, she/he could shake, but she/he could have realized that though she/he may be scared, that person is a human being with feelings. Those feelings must have been hurt when some random person just started crying at the sight you. I don't know about you, but that would hurt me, if it were to happen to me.

My mom has a phobia against cats. She cannot be near cats, and if one gets too close, she starts yelling and running away. It's actually a little funny.....

Pixxio_O 11

Was it by any chance a midget with a giant penis..?

12em12 1

I live in louisiana too, there are A LOT of midgets down here.

hamster_10 2

most phobias are irrational, some of the most popular ones are like fears of clowns and cotton wool and going outside. you can't help having a fear, it doesn't make op a bad person


I have a phobia of bananas... I can't explain it, because it definitely can't hurt me on it's own. But I am deathly afraid of them...

It's a legitimate fear. Assholes.

Thank you, J_Shorty, for apparently being the only voice of reason here. I hate it when people tell you to just get over it or control your phobia. I have a very strong phobia of hornets, and the last time I saw one, I had a panic attack so bad I nearly passed out. It's not something you can just control your reaction to. That's why it's a "phobia".

lolzforfun228 3

I have a phobia of the dark, to the extent that if I even see an even just slightly dark area nearby me, I lose my shit. Even though I know that there's nothing in the dark and that it doesn't pose an actual threat to me, I'm afraid of it. I can't easily control my reaction to it. I want to run, or hide, or freak the **** out, and because of how impulsive that feeling is, and how suddenly it happens and how little time I have to think, I just do it. So please, please, please, don't just say "YOU'RE A HORRIBLE BITCH YOU SHOULD LEARN TO CONTROL YOUR FEAR."

I'm irrationally afraid of vomit.. there are some strange phobias out there. One is deathly afraid of baby ducks

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I totally understand Op's posirion Im so afraid of people with albinism (excuse me if I spelled it incorrectly) but yhu cld have tried to control it and for the people that are being mean to her, read a book or something about strange phobias.

283 how do you go to sleep? thats a legitimate question im not just trying to be an ass

I have the same fear.

24's a midget, no wonder he gettin mad

Maybe they just don't measure up? XD

Number 60.... Don't diss pokemon.

I freak out in the dark too:( I cannot control it at all!

-238 I know someone like that, but she's afraid of rabbits. So I got one to keep her away. Best rabbit ever :)

80-Or maybe she was raped by one.

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lol its a Phobia it is something OP can't help , grow up

@277: Yeah, I have the same phobia. But the difference is that there are rational phobias, and then there are ridiculous ones that people just have for the heck of it. Case in point: I have a phobia of high places as well as of hornets (and other stinging creatures). I also get uneasy around deep waters (as I can't swim). With hornets, though, I don't prance around screaming. Outdoors, I quickly move away if possible. If it lands on me, I get worried, but I stand still and wait for them to leave. No stings as of yet. Indoors, I will try my best to do the Islamic thing and let them free. Only if it's exceptionally aggressive do I look for my BB gun and try to kill it as quickly as possible (80% of cases, the hornet is docile and leaves). Yeah, I'm scared witless while capturing them and releasing them, but I fight my phobias. This phobia makes sense because stings hurt and people naturally don't like pain. Now... onto my other point. Arachnophobia. I don't suffer from this as much as I do from the fear of bees. Most spiders don't bother me whatsoever. I just capture them and let them free. If it's exceptionally small, I let them live with me even if they're building a web. But there are certain ones that act aggressive or have bright colorings that make me think they may be venomous. These are the guys that (unfortunately) I have to kill if I can't release outdoors. This phobia (at least at my level) is rational because some spiders are deadly, and humans are designed to try to avoid death. Next up: heights and deep water. If I'm on a very high floor, I don't care. If I'm at the window of the 99th floor, I'll look down and think "Whoa. This is high. Nice." If I'm on the 6th floor and I'm outside on the balcony... yeah... not going to happen. I always stay at least a foot or two away from the balcony at high levels (usually 3rd floor or higher). Unless the balcony railing is above my center of mass, to where I don't have to worry about toppling over. Again, I control it, and the one aspect that I can't really seem to get over is rational. Deep waters is another survival issue. I'm perfectly OK with the deep end of a swimming pool, since I know I can walk my way out. But a deep swamp or lake (being in the surf of a beach), that frightens me. Why? Because I can't swim and being dragged under = certain painful death. Now, onto irrational phobias that I've seen that make me mad. Being afraid of cotton. Unless you're afraid you're going to get the cotton stuck in your nostrils or choke to death on them, grow up. Midgets: I'll admit it... their proportions can cause initial shock if you don't expect to see one. But aside from a missed heartbeat or unintentional gasp, there's no logical reason to cry or whatnot. At work, one day, a guy with three fingers handed me some cash. For a split second, my heart skipped and my brain sent me a "SOMETHING'S WRONG!" message. I had no idea what had scared me, but I acted normal and it finally hit me about a second later that the guy's hand looked "wrong". I tried checking out of my peripheral vision to see what was up, but it didn't work (I didn't look directly because I didn't want to offend the guy if he was missing fingers). However, when I gave him back his change, I did indeed confirm that the guy's hands both had 3 fingers. I didn't break down crying. I just went on with the transaction and waited for my silly heart to go back to normal. So... for everyone yelling about phobias and whatnot... no. Just no. If I can get over my rational phobias, then the rest of you can get over your irrational ones.

They can't help it.

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I'm from la. I don't see many midgets. ...Little people...

lolzforfun228 3

295 Under a blanket, with a shitload of lights on.

I think crying says enough.

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my sister has a phobia of cats, even the tiniest, cutest kittens! she knows that they're harmless, but she still can't help screaming, running, and nearly crying when she sees one. some people think it's funny and they'll chase her with a cat, but that's because they don't understand that she can't help it and that they're basically torturing her.

Link5794 18

148 down syndrome isn't mental retardation

That why she cried when she saw her boyfriend naked.... It looked like a midgets.

Hey #333 you are

Hey #333 you are an idiot. Most people,like you are,don't like anything that can hurt them like bugs that sting or spiders that could be dangerous as you know that is human nature not a phobia. Phobias are irrational fears.and btw I have a true phobia of spiders and i won't let ANY spider near me

@380: Yes, I am!

OP never said there was anything wrong with them, they just have a phobia of them.

Midgets freak me out. Im never going to Louisiana

i think there is a difference between fears and phobias...Being scared is one thing, but humans are quirky that way. We don't know that op was capable of controlling it. I think that most people don't have something that will just set them off emotionally regardless of how rational it is, so most of us dont truly understand. Im not certain this is the case, but its not our right to say she could or couldnt control it. This is an fml for op and all people affected by it. Just one mans opinion.

All these people who are saying that you can't just control your fears are ridiculous! I'm terrified of needles but I dont cry when I see them! In fact, I had a cervical cancer jab a few months ago and I did cry then.. But still! Although there is nothing wrong with being really scared of something you have to try to control your emotions, especially when someone else's feelings are involved. And also, OP will see more than just this one midget in his/her life; he/she will have to learn to control this fear at some point, who not sooner rather than later?

ineslovescats 5

That Phobia is categorized as an irrational fear. It is a medical issue and it is not entirely her fault. Give her a break.

Yeah... It's still pretty bad to do that. Even if you weren't making fun.

#333 stfu, you don't have phobias! Nobody likes hornets, most people dislike spiders. Skipping a meal doesn't mean you have an eating disorder, feeling a bit sad isn't depression, getting bored isn't ADHD, tidying up isn't OCD.... My point being, stop talking shit. It's boring to read.

#333 A phobia by definition is an irrational fear that you can't control and cannot be reasoned out of. Your "phobias" are really just rational fears. Not phobias.

#333 those are just plain old fears not phobias.

*douche Just so your insult doesn't make you look as bad next time.

243- its probably all the inbreeding going on there

1- It's a phobia, also sometimes referred to as irrational fear. OP can't help it.

333- many highly logical people have phobias. They are irrational and immune to logic. I generally try to be a very logical person, but I have a phobia of windows at night, and no matter how hard I try to reason with myself I have had this phobia since I was 4 years old and have never been able to walk in front of a window at night without panicking. Even the most logical and controlled people can suffer from crippling phobias that make no sense to others, and it doesn't mean they're an idiot or a jerk.

Wear high socks and shin guards all year. They're known to bite ankles when least expected.

flockz 19

and spin around like tops and rip the buttons off your pants.

Phobia or not grow the **** up and stop acting like the little bitch you are. "disfigured"? Screw you! At least control yourself. The little person doesn't need your sorry ass crying all over the school.

110: I think op meant that the midget was also deformed. Also, you clearly don't know the meaning of a Phobia.

110 **** you, you're just as judgmental as you claim OP to be

LunaNstars 0

Omg dont joke about this. Im terrified of midgets too!!!!

Calm down, Jack. No midgets here.

Get out of FML 110 You dont deserve to live "2/3 One of us is dead... Shh"

RedMegane 4

What a shame ey

12em12 1

It's "eh"

omgcookeys 15

It says they live in the US not canada...

its aye, actually. -______-

257, it says uk, not us or canada.

266- mine says US too :0 it says louisiana - unites states

honfan234101 3

Who has a fear for midgets?

OP does. Stupid.

Sun_Kissed18 25

There are many fears and phobias that other people don't understand but are completely legitimate and terrifying to the person suffering. A quick google search says that the OP has achondroplasiaphobia. But I'm not sure if that is accurate.

Puppets scare the balls off of me.

Snowstar 0

What balls?

waschaffer 5

it should be "of" not "for" u incompetent ****

Says the guy who can't spell 'you' ^

nevermind, wrong thread

bawlerr75 9

Omg Iam idk but they make my stomach start to hurt n I feel like bursting into tears

a_nutritionist 10

@168 being a grammar nazi is one thing, complaining about a well known abbreviation is another. youre online, its the only place aside from text messaging that this abbreviation is actually acceptable.

1215116a 14

330, on the comment policy it says not to use text language, and also the letter 'u' isn't a real abbreviation to me because it's not hard to type TWO EXTRA LETTER, OH MY! -_-

Why do you have a fear of midgets did something happen. So sorry your life sucks.

When she was young a midget ate her parents. Then left the toilet seat open.

This sounds funny but it isn't. My friends mum and friend are scared of midgets because when her mum was pregnant she was mugged and beaten up by a midget. I know this sounds funny but she lost the baby she was carrying and she and my friend have been scared of midgets ever since.

5 - nice pic "it's three ducks and smiling sun"

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skyttlz 32

126- thanks captain obvious

bizarre_ftw 21

183 - Holy Shit!!!! I love who's line!!!!!! :D

183 - check out Kevin from machinima on YouTube. It's a quote from him, Captain Troll

chris71sk8r 8

262-Kevin is the best!

they do tend to get short with me quite frequently

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Rude. That's called being a bully. It's a phobia. Don't be a dick.

mintcar 9

That sucks, your tears were almost uncontrollable. I don't get why you're afraid of them though...

It's also not the OP's fault they have a phobia of something.

mintcar 9

I never said it was. What're you talking about ? o.O

Sakurawr, not understanding something is far from saying it's unreasonable to have.

Defending this fear is as illogical and idiotic as defending racists' "legitimate" and "genuine" fear of Blacks. This type of fear against a group identity is unfounded and deserves no rationalization.

nisey3313 11

Congrats, youre not a racist. If you were you'd know that they don't fear a certain group of people, they hate them.

109, it's actually quite different. People who are racist have a hatred and sense of superiority over another race. Op has a phobia.

I have a horrible phobia against clowns. They never hurt me, but like op i can't control if i cry, get a panic attack or faint. Or a combo of those. Some people jst have a phobia without anything happening to them. Like my guy got a phobia against frogs. Frogs. People in here are so ignorant it hurts my brain..

bryannab1 0

109: 315 is right, raceism and phobia are intirely different things. OP didnt say that they were hated migets, thay are just scared of them

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And it's her fault for having a phobia?

What makes you think the midget is a he.

idk. why does it bug u so much

phobias are just weakness's get a grip people!

Tomatobee 4

29, your weakness is pluralizing.

bizarre_ftw 21

Thalankwyte you're an idiot but your pic is making me crack up!!!!!!!!!!!!

a_nutritionist 10

@15 actually it is her fault for having a phobia...its her mind that is having the irrational thoughts, and thus nobody elses fault. while her conscious mind isnt necessarily responsible, she most certainly is. well, depending on whether you believe its a genetic issue, in which case, her parents.

toxic_hippos 11


I'm not sure I'm OK with phobias that are about different types of people. it wouldnt be cool for me to be 'phobic' of fat people or black people or gay people. get a grip.

that sucks. maybe you get over your fear of midgets