By housewiththinwalls - 10/10/2014 23:22 - Sweden

Today, after getting stressed out by my parents having a serious fight for hours, I'm now listening to their make-up sex. FML
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Look at the bright side, Make up sex is always better then divorce

At least they made up. Put some music on. :P


Look at the bright side, Make up sex is always better then divorce

May God protect you from all the Grammar Nazi's.

All the Grammar Nazi's what, hmmm? I'd like to know.

Do what I did, leave you're house.

Whoops. *than

#19 well OP found the error, feeling smart for missing it?

Get over yourself, please. I use proper grammar most of the time, but you don't see me correcting everyone. You got corrected. It's not the end of the world so fucking accept it. Who's said she missed the error? She just corrected yours

At least they made up. Put some music on. :P

Always did love earphones, they work well for either the fighting or the making up

Yep. Growing up, my bedroom was right next to my parents' and I'd play music every Saturday morning to drown out their failed attempt at being quiet.

this may create trouble for OPs parents look at his profile name ;)

Well at least they made up! Much better than worrying all day

At least your parents love each other and actually work stuff out rather than get divorced! 95% of this site would have suggested that divorce!

good. that's what the thumbs up button is for.

Puts some earphone and let your parents get their loving on

At least it's not break up sex

earphones are your friend

Yes, headphones are your best friends for situations like this.

It's not like you need to stay in the house. You could always go watch a movie or something.

Exactly, I would have left immediately haha.

OP may not have access to go somewhere else. if it's too dark outside, it may be past the town/ cities curfew. OP could always listen to music like the other people have suggested.

Make-up sex is the best tho.