By anonymous - 20/07/2015 01:23 - Canada - Kitchener

Today, for some reason entirely beyond my knowledge, Siri referred to me as "Sugartits". FML
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I hope you know she signs your emails that way.

Siri knows best.


Just a side note, she calls me Satan

There's a reason for everything. I bet you know and are just not letting on to the rest of us.

I hope you don't email people from your phone, especially not about important things. Siri is hooked up the the email application and signs your emails by what she calls you. Would be funny explaining that though

Korpz13 16

Same here ^v^

MedChew 19

Maybe don't put it into your breast pocket anymore.

Be happy she didn't call you her daddy. That was a weird night...

XxGaLaXy_HiTzxX 14

Do you have any siblings? If so, they probably made a change on your phone and made her call you that?

A friend could have done it too

RenoTheRhino 30

Or a great grandmother

PePziNL 20

You're all wrong. It was the butler, in the kitchen, with a butterknife.

Siri knows best.

I think you tried to use your nipple on the fingerprint sensor once too many times...

I hope you know she signs your emails that way.

Take it as a compliment OP.

Still not as bad as when you ask her what zero divided by zero is.

ViviMage 38

That is hilarious!!

She's searching and finding feelings.. Feeling she can't seem to explain right now. Test your internet connection and try again later. Sugartits.

Maybe we can hook her up with Microsoft Sam and see if those feelings were just curiosity.