By Anonymous - Australia
Today, my boss sent out an email with the subject line "Urgent". He accidentally left the body of the email blank. I replied to all staff "You're firing blanks Peter". I later heard that his wife once got drunk and told everyone that they couldn't have kids because he has a low sperm count. FML
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  Link5794  |  18

Go fuck yourself.


it's not about eventually adopting kids. the face of the matter is, the OP said "firing blanks," as in his sperm isn't alive. and then the OP found out that his boss really CAN'T impregnate his wife.
what's not to get?

  genius_man16  |  0

That's my point. If they can't have kids the "normal" way then adopt a freaking kid. There is nothing stopping the OP's boss and his wife from getting a kid.

Now if you're being literal and are pointing out that they can't "have" a kid because of his sperm count then fine, but my point is that if you can't have a kid via sex you can always adopt, and those people that say they "can't have kids" just because they can't do it via sex are assholes.

  7businessdays  |  0

theyre not as bad as people with really really arrogant usernames which are obviously completely fabricated based on the comments they give. im pretty sure everyone knows that infertile people can adopt children.

  o0ginger0o  |  7

Whether or not the boss and his wife choose to expand their family through alternate means is irrelevant to the FML. The point of the FML was that the wording the OP used could be misconstrued as them making fun of the bosses sterility.

  Yoshi_Fue  |  9

(late comment is late) It's funny because "firing blanks" was meant to be about the blank body, but the boss has a low sperm count, so even during sex, he's "firing blanks." Quit being such a fucking killjoy.