By kise - 28/11/2012 06:20 - France - Paris

Today, drunk at a party, I leaned through a window to throw up. I was outside. FML
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cmanaus 3

Sucks for the people inside

Looks like someone's off the invite list


cmanaus 3

Sucks for the people inside

Actually it blows.... Chunks.

Misswildsides 22

^that mental image was disgusting.

Actually, the mental image I'm getting is highly amusing. All you gotta do is picturing a person peacefully sitting next to that very window or below it (depending on the structure), then imagine their surprise and facial expressions!

i see what you did there

Are the illustrations only visible on iPads or what?

Quit life

I'm sure worse things have been done by drunk people

txgirl2013 14

Excuse yourself please

"kill himself, please" would have been a better phrase

KM96 24

Excuse me?! I totally agree with 23

Wow hey you should take your own advice

I really don't understand how offensive comments like this stay here, yet neutral comments I make are removed virtually every time.

Epic fail

One poorly thought out comment wasn't enough for you?

silbot 11

Maybe HE'S drunk?

I thought people stopped saying "FAIL!" like two years ago?

20-FML is a vortex Twilight Zone that sucks in overused phrases and revives them continuously through idiot commenters for extended periods of time. Other phrases like "Doesn't matter, had sex." "Cleveland voice: That's nasty." Are still used, though not nearly as often as before.

Come on. It's not that bad. Maybe h- oh who am I kidding. In quote of what you have said, you're an epic fail.

Projectile Vomiting on all the people inside? Why would you get that drunk at a party? YDI, OP.

I'd be more concerned if OP got that drunk on their own.

deepunder 17

Obviously cause u are at a party. Peer pressure makes u hate or like something more than when u are alone, and it makes u want to show it

Looks like someone's off the invite list

I don't think parties like that have invite lists....

RealTalk0 7

Oh god..the irony.

Well it's not really ironic..

RealTalk0 7

I don't know. Maybe it's because he was outside and vomited inside, rather than a vice versa situation. Maybe I'm just stupid; yeah, let's go with that.

If I was the owner of the house, I would kick your arse.

PandaSpots 10

It's so weird when English ppl say arse. Us Americans are just like " NO!!! It's ASS!!!!"

If you had looked at my profile, you'd see that I'm actually Irish.

You're clearly a bit of an arse youself, 68 :)

Yet another way to be a "belligerent drunk." What next?

eatthemcows 4

It's okay op. I had a friend of mine vomit all over my shoes at a party about a month ago. You're not alone.

perdix 29

That would suck if it was your house. Otherwise, your drunken antics are probably so hilarious and disturbing that your host considers cleaning your vomit a small price for the hours of entertainment you provided. Hopefully, video of your inebriated rampage will make it to YouTube.