By Anonymous - 26/01/2015 23:24 - Sweden - Huddinge

Today, I realized why you should never wear a thong under yoga pants that are a couple of sizes too small. It's a weird thing, seeing your co-worker's anus. FML
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I'm picturing that Spongebob character that screams "MY EYES!"


marcmaralou 15

wouldn't you want them to wear one?... or am I reading this wrong?

I thought that too. I guess you're supposed to wear one, but only under yoga pants that actually fit you properly. Not a couple of sizes small.

You're reading it wrong. The thong was mentioned because it's also bad, i.e. full pants would've been better for OP's eyes. So it's worse than simply wearing too small yoga pants. Though really, the problem is wearing yoga pants in the first place. They are NOT the same as jeans/trousers!

I'm guessing yoga pants are the same as leggings, which are worn under long tops/some dresses or can be worn for exercise. Some people do wear them as trousers though, and they're always the cheap ones that are see-through.

ummm the yoga pants I wear aren't see through.

Well that's why 31 said that the "cheap" ones are see-through. Not all of them. But I suppose any of them could eventually get threadbare.

Yoga pants are usually a little less see through than leggings, but not much. I wear them sometimes, but only with a long shirt or if my jeans are in the wash

cadillacgal79 32

My yoga pants aren't see-through, I believe there is a difference in material between yoga pants and leggings. Leggings are thinner compared to yoga pants, which are normally thicker. From the material I have, yoga pants feel like sweatpants material wise, I've never had a problem with my ass showing when I bend over, whether yours are thinner for some reason and look like leggings, than they probably are leggings and you don't realize it.

the way im reading it, everything was so tight, that the thong and pants had sort of.. sucked into her butthole.

and I thought thay all the times I have accidentally make eye contact with my dogs butt were bad.

neverfind 20
Dreamsorrow93 24

Err I would rather never see my coworker in yoga pants. I think sight alone would forever blind me.

I'm picturing that Spongebob character that screams "MY EYES!"

too tight or not, you really shouldnt look THAT closely at anyones ass that you work with. And shouldnt the thong have covered that up?

A g-string, aka butt floss, wouldn't completely cover it, no. Especially if she were bent over, things spread apart ya know?

I think the point of the FML was that op didn't have a choice of whether to see it or not. I imagine the coworker bent over, ripping a massive hole in her pants, and the thong moved so op was able to see way too much. Op probably didn't even have time to look away. Poor thing.

Now every time you look your co-worker in the eyes, you will see two anuses.

sexpectations 15

yup, this one qualifies for a dosage of brain bleach

I need to see this before I can judge the persons actions

Being in sweden, my thoughts are going to the blonde bikini models. Although i feel this coworker isnt of that type.

LuckBeNimble 19

22: plot twist--the coworker is male.

I don't think anyone should wear yoga pants at all if they're not doing yoga. Especially ones a few sizes too small.

TomeDr 24

In the privacy of your own home, it's okay. They're comfortable as heck. But as a three-kids, pushing-50 mom, I'd be embarrassed to wear them outside. I was even a little unnerved to wear them to yoga class!

Depending on the type of yoga pant, many of them are just black cotton pants, similar to a type of tighter fitting sweatpants. In which case it's fine to wear out, but not work. Not everyone that wears yoga pants is buying the ones that are that funny water proof material and wearing it so it clings to you like it's been painted on.

i meant that nobody should wear them in public. i dont mind if theyre worn while working out or at home, but at work and in public its disgusting. every single time ive seen someone in yoga pants they have a wedgie and a camel toe and they know it. its gross to see that.

cantik20 5

As a yogi myself, why judge us for wearing a comfortable yoga clothes. I run errands before or after my class. The problem is people wearing them, or any other type of clothing, two three times smaller than their size. If you have a muffin top above your hips, or a camel toe that trying to kicking out your pants, that's not the right size.